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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 14 January 2013

Update on My Beloved

For such a little sampler, my progress has been quite slow on this one.
I still haven't decided what to do with the date that should go under the initials.
Here is what I have so far:

The stitches are tiny, tiny, tiny!
I just finished Freelove Hazard, which was stitched one over one, however, it was on 25 count linen.
There is a big difference between one over one on 25 ct and one over one on 35ct!
Not having a lot of fun here! My eyes are bleeding!

The little brick house measures all of 3/4" X 2/3", smaller than a postage stamp!
Stitching the mortar between the bricks nearly killed me!

The tree trunk is completed in a stem stitch, and the leaves are all tiny, tiny, lazy daisy stitches.
Also called for are backstitching, and horizontal satin stitches.

Frankly, I am a little surprised that this is suggested for a beginner. I would think a beginner would find the tiny stitches very difficult. You can't do much in the way of frogging here when the stitching is so tight.

I am already looking forward to my next project which will definitely not be one over one!


Kaisievic said...

I love the design but I think that I would make it larger and stitch over two. You are a brave woman!

Miss Pants said...

Oh my! I don't think I'd like all that over one. I have only done one project with a lot of over one, and honestly I did not enjoy it. I think it was the first time ever I just wanted to be done!

Good luck to you!! I can't wait to see how it turns out.

Fiona said...

WOW over 1 on 35ct, you are a brave woman. I would definitely have made it larger and increased the fabric count to 25ct. Looks fantastic.

Kerri said...

I feel your pain! Just started my verse on Dorothy Walpole that is over 1 on 40 ct. Even my magnifier and Ott light didn't make is any easier.

Tommye said...

Fabulous! A little over one goes a long way.

Nicola said...

Well done you taking on such a charming design. Your stitches look perfect on that little house.

Kathy said...

I think your little sampler is very cute. I love the way the leaves done in lazy daisy stitches look on the tree. I can imagine they would cause a headache doing over one on 35 ct. WTG!

Kathy said...
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Anne said...

The effect is worth the bleeding eyes!! Loooove the teeny tiny brickhouse and tree!

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

It looks lovely.
The tree is terrific!

Have you thought about magnification?

When working over one on high counts, you may want to try to work row by row, with several needles threaded with the different colors. This may go slower, but you would not have to struggle to fit the stitches in place.