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Monday, 14 January 2013

Slowly, but surely...

Well gang, slowly, but surely, I am getting there - LOL By that I mean I will post a pic of my start on Leo, the one part of the triptych that I am doing (Rosa, Leo,and Domus) I will post the pic tonight. It's pathetic really...All I've gotten done is just a very small part of Leo's body. I gave myself an hour on Saturday to start it. My first SL start ever! So exciting.

I had planned on stitching more on Sunday to no avail. Tonight I will do another hour, maybe two. We'll see!

Hugs and Love,
Jennifer H


Nicola said...

Goodl luck, looking forward to seeing your progress.

Fiona said...

We are SL newbies together. I haven't started mine yet, but plan on kitting it up this week, ready to start in February.