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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Thursday, 3 January 2013

Post for Rachel F

Greetings to all of you talented and motivated stitchers! I have been amazed by all the lovely work pictured on this blog. How do you all stitch so quickly and beautifully?!

Reading your posts and studying the projects everyone is working on tempted me terribly to just dive in a try my first sampler. I picked Rebecca Robinson. It just looked so sweet with all the animals and cute couple. The border of honeysuckle looked pretty and like it would be fun to stitch. Hopefully, it will be as enjoyable as it looks online.

I live in Missouri, have a wonderful husband, and two boys (8 and 5 years old) who keep me on the move all the time. Our dogs, a Kerry Blue Terrier and a Soft Coated Wheaten are adored members of our little family and are at my feet and by my side as I type.

I am not experienced at stitching or any creative or crafty pursuits, but I have always admired those who are. I have done a couple of counted cross stitch projects and a few needlepoint projects on painted canvases. Trying out different stitches was my favorite part and quite interesting. I even bought two books, Cross Stitchers Bible (Jane Greenoff) and The Needlepoint Book (Jo Ippolito Christensen). No, I haven't finished either one. So you are now sure I am a beginner and you are so right! :-)

My hope is to complete something I will not be embarrassed of and learn a lot from all of you along the way.

Due to an illness in the family, I also purchased a miniature sampler My Beloved to have a project that would be easily portable and hopefully not too complicated to pick up and put down repeatedly.

I am especially happy to tell you a long hard day was lightened by arriving home and finding my order from the Scarlet Letter had arrived!! It will be a great day if I can get started tomorrow, but if not tomorrow a start any day will be quite exciting!


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Nicola said...

A very warm welcome Rachel. You have chosen two gorgeous samplers to stitch.

We are all here to help each other so if you have any questons or need assistance just ask.

I am self taught as I am sure that many others are as well. Cross Stitchers Bible is a good book which was a big help to me.

Since I started to blog my stitching has improved in leaps and bounds. I have been so inspired by my pin pals and they have been there for me to answer by cries for advice.

Have you chosen the fabric you will be using?

Elizabeth said...

Hi Rachel. I am a complete novice too so you are not alone. The Cross Stitchers Bible is invaluable - it is getting well thumbed! I love your choices of samplers.

Krista said...

Beautiful choices to start with, Rachel! I look forward to seeing you stitch them.

Chris said...

Welcome Rachel! You have picked beautiful projects!

Michele said...

Hi Rachel,

Welcome on board. I think you will find that many of us are self-taught, and we all benefit from the help and friendship of each other. I am sure that you will produce a lovely sampler. When I first started I made a rule for myself, that if I ever started to get fed up with the stitching, to put it down and go a do something else. It has served me well over the years and stitching is still a pleasure and not a chore. I really look forward to seeing your progess.


queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Hello Rachel,

Great choice of samplers.
You also have two excellent reference books to help you.

I look forward to seeing your progress.


Jennifer Cameron said...

Fantastic choice. Don't you love the fact that the flowers are the same size as the house. Can't wait to see your progress. x

anniebeez said...

Good luck Rachel and welcome to the obsessive world of reproduction samplers! May you soon have as many Wips as we all do! LOL!~Annie P.S.~I know you will love it!

Jon Lee said...

Hello Rachel. I love your samplers. I have been stitching tor a while but am not the most confident stitcher. I too am looking forward to stitching with everyone on these gorgeous samplers. Can't wait to see your progress.

Lanie said...

Welcome, Rachel! Glad you joined the fun!

Rebecca Robinson is such a great sampler. I've had her in my collection for some time and one day I'll stitch her. I just love the houses and the honeysuckle border.

Let us know if you have any questions. I think all of us just "jumped in" at the beginning and continue to learn as we go along...like the young school girls did back in the day!


Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Rachel,
Rebecca Robinson is a wonderful choice! I stitched her years ago and it is a gorgeous sampler. Look forward to seeing your progress...

Ellen said...

Both of your samplers are wonderful, but I am especially quite taken with Rebecca. WOW!!

You wil quickly learn that samplers are very addictive, and I think most of us don't want to find a cure for this addiction.

Yes, I think many of us are self-taught. You can always ask questions, plus now in addition to wonderful books, there is so much information available on the internet.