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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 27 January 2013

Parrot, Leopard, Lion

Hi Everyone
Firstly, thank you so much Jo, for your email regarding how to post photos.  I am going to attempt one in this post so apologies to everyone if it turns into a dog's breakfast!  (Hopefully my photography skills will improve as well!)

This is tent stitch on 36ct linen with the recommended AVAS silks.

Life and work have been busy over the last 2 weeks so there has not been a lot of progress on Parrot, Leopard, Lion but I am still really enjoying stitching it and working with the beautiful silk colours when I do manage to get some stitching time. 

I have been behind on reading the blogs as well but am catching up slowly and am completely blown away by all the gorgeous stitching and the very talented stitchers on these 2 SL Blogs.  I feel privileged to be able to participate.


Nicola said...

Your PLL is looking good and I am so pleased that you are enjoying our challenge. Thank you for contributing and well done on posting your first photo.

Lanie said...

Joanne, you have made some great progress with your PLL! This looks like such an enjoyable piece with all the vibrant colors!

(and your photography skills are just fine!)

ilana kaye said...

Your work is lovely . I have to control myself from pulling this one out of my stash....lol

Gabi said...

Great progress. Love it.

Kathy said...

Lovely. It looks like a page out of a coloring book! Great work!

Mindi said...

Absolutely gorgeous progress! I'm glad to see the tent stitch is working out, its what I'm planning on doing with some 38 ct linen, and not filling in the background.

Fiona said...

Looks fantastic and you are making progress.

Vera said...

Oh i love this! I, too, am stitching PLL, but I have not done all the outlining...I had to add some color. Yours is looking fabulous!!

Kevin Tober said...

Wow! This one is stunning! I'm very tempted to go shopping for this design now. Excellent work! How do you like doing this all in tent stitch? I just purchased a kit which is done all in tent stitch, but it hasn't arrived yet. It will be a new adventure for me. Can't wait to see more as this progresses!