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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Let the Stitching Begin - Emma Miles 1848

Good Morning!  This past Friday, I received my fat half of cream colored Edinburgh linen!  Saturday morning bright and early, I cut my linen to size and pressed it!  Saturday, I started stitching away on Miss Emma!

First, I decided to "rough" in the external border by doing half stitches and crossing at the ten count. After a little bit of frogging, my border lined up in the end!  That brings a big smile to my face. For those of you who have not started this one, there are plenty of inconsistencies in the border count!  That is what I love about reproducing old samplers!  I like to stitch it exactly how it was created! But having said that, you must not get caught up in the "rythymn" of the piece...Follow the chart!

Once I had accomplished that, I filled in the upper left hand corner of the border to get a sense of how the rest was going to go!

Here is a picture as of Sunday afternoon:

I am enjoying Miss Emma!

Until next time,



Kathy said...


Boy! you are moving right along on Miss Emma!! And, I might say she is a looker, lol. I'm trying to work the border first, and it's a little boring so will maybe start in the upper left corner this week. We'll see how it goes! Have fun!

Nicola said...

Oh Holly a lovely start. I know you saw Laurie's finish and before you know it yours will be finished, framed and hung proudly on your sampler wall.

Lelia said...

Stitch well!

deshacrafts said...

Wow I never thought of counting out the border that way. When I think of all the time I spent counting and recounting to make sure I didn't make a mistake. Can't wait to start a new sampler to try out this method!

Lanie said...

Great start on your "Emma", Holly! I just love her border.


Mindi said...

Thank you for the warning about the border, you probably saved me some frogging. I tend to assume borders are repetitive, then I go crazy if they aren't, trying to figure out where I messed up.

H and T said...

Holly, another thank you about border alerts. I went around the chart on one of the pieces I am stitching and sure enough, there were inconsistencies, which thankfully I hadn't reached yet.

Thank you!