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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Hannah's First Bloom

Well, I finally put needle to thread and thread to linen and began Hannah Brassington! The first bloom is not entirely finished because now I feel that I should began again using 1 over 2 threads instead of using 2 threads of silk.  The reason being is while I am filling in the flower, it's getting quite difficult to make my stitches lie flat and hard to put my needle through because it's a tight squeeze! What do all of you think? Should I frog out that flower as carefully as I can to preserve the silks, or keep on going? I know it will be my choice in the end but some advice or thoughts would be helpful in making my decision!!

I truly love Hannah's blooms!!!


Jon Lee said...

Hi. What size linen are you stitching on? I usually use one strand of silk if I'm stitching on 34 ct. or higher count. If it is becoming tight, it will probably be irritating to stich. It looks lovely though.

Nicola said...

You may be better taking the advice of our more experienced stitchers but I would unpick and start again at this point in your progress.

If the thread is uncomfortable to stitch with you will not enjoy what should be a pleasurable experience.

I love the feel of good silk as it passes through my fingers and fabric,

brod'attitude said...

Beautiful choice

Krista said...

Looks pretty. I am not sure about silks, but if you are thinking it is too many threads then perhaps try using one thread, even if just in the corner of the fabric and see if you like it better before undoing the work you already have.

Serena B said...

What size of needle are you using? Maybe try a smaller one for a few stitches,if there is no change then l'd consider using one thread. Your project should be enjoyable, especially the pretty sampler you have chosen. Your stitching is so lovely, I'm sure you will find out what is best for you.

Dona said...

Hard to say, but if you're not happy the way it stitching up, you might want to try something else! I know if I don't like threads or a fabric, I'm less likely to finish a piece.

Pretty flower!