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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Elizabeth Mitchell - progress

Happy New Year to you all.

Here is my progress on Elizabeth Mitchell 1828. I am really enjoying stitching this although progress can be a bit slow - sometimes I seem to have to take out more than I  stitch! My stitching is improving - certainly the back of the work isn't quite such a mess.  I love finishing a motif and can't wait to get the next one done - probably the reason I make mistakes! I need to figure out how to do the central lettering as it is one over one (just think a few weeks ago I didn't even know what one over one was!) as I decided I am not yet proficient enough to do anything on linen so I am doing this on 14ct Aida. I do think though that it would look nicer on linen but I am sure I will enjoy her hanging on my wall just as she is.

My DH gave me Elizabeth Brain for Christmas.

Now this is going to be a challenge. The Irish linen is beautiful but extremely fine. The sampler is stitched using stem, chain, satin and outline stitches. The only stitch I have done is outline (which I am presuming is a back stitch) so I will have a steep learning curve. I have been practising chain and stem stitch this morning.  I think this will be a WIP for some considerable time but I am tempted to make a start before I finish Elizabeth Mitchell.

I also have Seventeen Sailors to do but this will have to wait for a wee while as I will probably do Margaret Randolph as my first sampler on linen. I love the vibrant colours in this sampler.

Here is Seventeen Sailors ready and waiting.

I am so enjoying participating in Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year. It really has given me a new hobby - and I am learning so much from all of you. I really enjoy the friendship too.


Carmen Sutton said...

Elizabeth,what lovely work thus far and you already have one finished well done. Did you say that you were stitching this on adia? This may cause a problem with the over one letters, you mentioned because you can not split the threads due to the weave of the adia cloth. Take a look befor you get to far along.

Nicola said...

We will re-chart the centre together Elizabeth. I wonder if you would find a daylight light and magnifier a help. I will email you about this..

Wonderful progress, you are going to be just a good a cross stitcher as you are a knitter very soon my friend.

Elizabeth said...

Thank you Nicola x

EvalinaMaria said...

Thank you and happy New Year to you too!

Linen is lovely to work with, do not be scared.

Krista said...

What a lovely start! Love that pretty gold star on that one. You have lots of good things waiting in the wings too! What fun!

Lisa M said...

I can understand why Elizabeth Brain seems daunting - it would be to me too! However nothing ventured nothing gained. Elizabeth Mitchell is such a pretty sampler, another one I hadn't seen until now :) Seventeen Sailors is one of my favourites.