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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 28 January 2013

Double update

SDW, SAL Week 13
This week I have two Scarlet  Letter Samplers to report on.  The first, us usual, is SDW.  Week 13 of our SAL, sees the wirly gig motif finished, the chapel progessed, with some colouring in, and some foliage added.  I LOVE THIS SAMPLER more and more as each motif reveals itself.

Russian Red Rooster

The other Scarlet Letter I started a couple of weeks ago was my Russian Red Rooster.  This is my mobile project, which I will only work on when I have time on my hands ( like that happens), but I have managed to get some done, whilst minding the shop (oh so busy, thanks to the weather!) and at a rehearsal, that I actually was not needed at (but husband was). So in total this is about 5 hours stitching.  I love the simplicity of this sampler.  It is so naive in it's motifs. The two colours are perfect together.  I have never worked with so few colours before.

 I have corrected some of the dividing bands as I have gone along, as there are a couple of places where they go out of sync.  That bothered me!


Krista said...

Both of your projects are beautiful, Michele. I love this Red Rooster one the more I see it.

Chris said...

Beautiful progress Michelle. I love both pieces!

Cindy L said...

I am really enjoying the photos and progress of SDW. It is such a pretty sampler.

Nicola said...

So beautiful Michele. What a good idea to have a mobile project as well.

Do you have a rooster as well as the hens that you keep?

Lanie said...

Michele, your double update is double lovely!

Fiona said...

Great progress on both. Your REd Rooster is really coming along as is SDW.

Kathy said...

Your SDW has grown quite a bit since your last update. So, so pretty! And, I like the idea of a "mobile project". And, the one you picked for this is moving right along. Great progress on both.

Michele said...

Yes Nicola, we have a little bantam cockerel called Jack Sparrow, as he actually does look like Johnnie Depp in the Pirates films, he also does that funny sideways hopping run that Johnnie does...but he;s not red!

Dona said...

Great progress on SDW! What a pretty border and alphabet in Russian Red Rooster.