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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 6 January 2013

Dorothy Walpole Progress 1

Hello everyone!

I am enjoying this sampler and made great progress since my start on Boxing Day. The border is so pretty in pinks and greens!

Love the eyelet alphabets!

I love specialty stitches but I am worried about that row of Queen stitches after the Eyelet Alphabets. I tried them with 1 strand of silk and don't like them. The stitches were not good and disappeared into the fabric. Should I use cotton floss?

I love the variety of samplers posted here and enjoy following everyone's progress!

Happy Stitching!



Nikki said...

Your Dorothy looks great Ellen. I am stitching her too, and you are just a little bit ahead of me. I will post my progress tomorrow. I too am worried a little about the Queen Stitch row coming up. I am using DMC, not silks, and using 2 strands. Someone told me to do the Queen Stitches using 1 strand it would work better and be easier. Try two strands of silk on another piece of fabric and see what you think. I just love the colors in this sampler too.


Elizabeth said...

Dorothy looks lovely. I'll have to go and google Queen stitches.

I am learning so much at the moment...it is great fun!

Lanie said...

Ellen, your Dorothy progress is beautiful!

I did Queen stitches on a previous sampler I stitched. It was 40ct. on a darker linen and I used just one strand of silk. I think you may just have to play around a little; I'm not sure there is a "right or wrong", just a personal preference. I know...not much help here from the peanut gallery...good luck! Your stitching is lovely so far!

Faye said...

Just beautiful Ellen!!!!! I love the eyelet also!!!!

Kathy said...

You're making great progress. The eyelet stitches and the cheerful colors draw me to this sampler. Proud to say she's now been added to my stash