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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 15 January 2013

C.1800 Pincushion Update

It's been so hot here since Christmas and the desire to stitch has all but left me. I have put a few stitches into my pincushion though. I realised that I have made a mistake and now I have to unpick a whole lot of what I have stitched. C'est la vie!

Sorry about the dodgy photo, it was taken with my phone.


Anne said...

So pretty Diane! Really love the colours!!

Nicola said...

What a shame, will the mistake effect the rest of the design. I have to admit that after reading some other posts I left a mistake in my SDW sampler as it did not impact on the overall sampler and other motifs.

It still looks amazing. Well done on your progress.

Suzanne said...

Unfortunately the mistake cannot be left otherwise I can't fit other parts in properly. I have debabted leaving it, but I can't find a work around on such a small piece.

Krista said...

It is gorgeous. Too bad you cannot leave it as is.

Dona said...

I love what you've stitched so far, and I don't see any errors. Pulling stitches is not fun!