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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 14 January 2013

Best Laid Plans

What is it with plans?????????????  My original plans included Elizabeth Sheffield, Mary Jones and Jenny Bean for my Scarlet Letter Year projects.  My friends are bad influences though ;-)!!!!!  Which means instead I am stitching Dona Dorothea with Natalia and Ruth Bacheler with Jen!!!!!  Both gorgeous samplers and I will get back to my original plan at some point!!!!!

I am using the Attic Needlework conversion for Dona Dorothea on Lakeside Vintage Examplar!!!!


I am stitching Ruth with my own conversion, a mix of WDW, GAST, Anchor and DMC, on mystery linen, I know it's R&R but I am not sure which color?????

I hope this finds everyone stitching away on their favorite Scarlet Letter Samplers :-)!!!!

Happy Stitches,


Fiona said...

Great starts on both. I might have to check out the Attic to see if they have a conversion for my sampler.

Nicola said...

Both samplers you have chosen are beautiful and it will be good to vary between them both.

I am hoping my Dorothea may be back from the framers tomorrow, fingers crossed.

Dona said...

Plans are just a starting point! Both of these are gorgeous samplers and you'll have fun stitching them with Jen and Natalia. Love the threads on both pieces, Katrina!

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

These are great choices.
The colors are lovely.

Faye said...

Nice colors!!!! I like both of these a lot .....