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Sunday, 6 January 2013

Alas and Alack!

Alas and Alack! All my good intentions have gone up in smoke - for now at least! I had wanted to start my Rosa, Leo and Domus on New Years Day, which didn't happen as I started to get caught up on crocheting projects. Then decided, will start on Saturday (yesterday) - didn't happen. Dear Mom monopolized the dining room table where I planned on parking my butt and start stitching.

Once I get out of order, I tend to have a hard time getting back in order...sigh...I did keep myself busy though in relation to cross stitch endeavors (of a sort) - I am organizing my floss (all of the DMC colors) on bobbins, putting them in floss away bags, then the bags go on split screw lock binder rings ( I have two). I am very pleased with my organizational skills thus far. :D

Currently ring one is done, and now am working on ring two. When working on a project I will pull the threads needed and put them in a floss box. When done, the threads will go back in the floss away bags. Simple right? Let's see! I just remembered I need to bobbin 12 or so threads for the project(s) for this challenge, so I am off to do that!

I WILL get to post a picture or two once I am set up. Hopefully before Hell freezes over. The way it feels outside right now,  I wouldn't be surprised if Hell did get the chills. Stay warm everyone!

Nicola, congrats on the newest member of the family, what a beautiful baby. He's very lucky to have his Nana!

Hugs and Love,


Elizabeth said...

Oh Jen, your post made me chuckle. I need some serious help in organising my threads. They somehow seem to end up all over the house after attaching themselves to my dressing gown.

Looking forward to hearing of your progress.

Nicola said...

The threads certainly seem to get in some very funny places. I seem to carry them all around the house