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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 22 January 2013

A Question For You from Jean P

I am a curious sampler novice and have a question.
I just started Emma Miles and, without thinking, I proceeded to do the entire border first. I’ve noticed that some stitchers do the sampler border as they go. I’m wondering if this is just a personal preference and if so, which do most stitchers prefer.
Are there any tips you’ve gained from experience (besides counting properly) to help ensure the border meets up perfectly? Thanks for any input.

Jean P


Katherine said...

Nicola - I will usually start my work in the center and work my way out to one side or the other. I'm a scardy cat - afraid I'm going to make a mistake. But, with Gentle Susan, I'm going to start on a side. That will help me figure out my changes to the design better. I think it's really personal preference.

Nicola said...

I usually start at the top left hand corner and then go where the mood or the sampler takes me, rarely do I stitch the whole border first.

PoundingSand said...

Hi Jean -
I would normally work the borders as I go, as I like to use a scroll/roller frame rather than a hoop. It's just easier than rolling the linen back and forth. And unless the border and the body actually overlap at some point, I don't know how anybody could say for sure which came first. So work as you like!


Erica near Chicago said...

I do something similar to Nicola. I start the border in the upper left corner and work three or four inches both across and down -- but only after measuring/counting four or five times to be sure that I am starting at the correct spot on the linen! After that, I tend to stitch the upper and left border as I stitch the rest of the sampler and do the bottom and right borders at the end.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Because I work from right to left, I always start in the upper right corner. I do some of the top border, then right border, then work the rest of the border as I go along to make sure I haven't made a mistake. If I try to do the whole border first, no matter how careful my counting, I am guaranteed to make a mistake and then the border won't match up.


Kathy said...

I am stitching Emma now and I started on the left hand side at the top. I just kept counting and stitching until I reached the end of the right side. Then I stitched going from one side to the other all the way down both sides. I haven't stitched the bottem section yet. Will do that later. The main thing with Emma, I think is counting each section of the border before you stitch as there are a lot of differences in the number of stitches that make up each section. And, the left hand side differs from the right hand side. But, how you go about stitching it overall is entirely up to you, I think. Not every stitcher stitches the same way as you can see from the comments above. Stitching should be fun and enjoyable so I say do it however it makes you happy!

Krista said...

I used to always start in the center and work my way out. But more recently I have started in the upper left hand corner. It always makes me nervous though if I will have enough fabric to the other edge or bottom. Whatever makes you happy is best. How great that you have the entire border done!

Angela Cruz-garcia said...

Hi Jean,
Thank you for posting your question. I am another novice sampler stitcher and need all the advice I can get.

Angela Cruz-garcia said...

Hi Jean,
Thank you for posting your question. I am another novice sampler stitcher and need all the advice I can get.

Lisa M said...

It depends on the sampler. For Dorothy Walpole The border is entirely cross stitch so I'm stitching it first and then the inside as that has other stitches such as eyelets and satin stitch etc.

My reasoning is that this will prevent these stitches being caught up in the qnap frame all the time and getting pulled/fuzzy. Also means I have centered the design on the fabric properly.

I stitched one colour all around first to make sure it met up and was counted correctly.

For each design I work out before hand how I should stitch it the order. Sometimes I will leave all the extra stitches/beads etc to the end so I know that it willl look it's best once completed.

Lynn said...

Jean, yesterday I completed the first color of the border on Emma Miles.
I am very happy to say that it met up! My hint works with solid color
floss and cross stitch. I stitch 9 half crosses ///////// and I cross
the tenth. This makes it MUCH easier to count and recheck your counting!
I counted each section of the chart several times and wrote the number in the margin in case I was interrupted.
Hope you enjoy stitching Emma as much as I'm enjoying her!

Vera said...

I usually start in the upper left hand corner and work my way across and down -- whatever suits my fancy at the time. Occasionally I've done the borders first, but I find I tend to get bored with that.

Jean P said...

Thank you for all your replies. I find it very helpful to read how other stitchers aspproach a project. Great tip,Lynn, about crossing the tenth stitch!

Lelia said...

I have stitched the border first, and filled in. usually, I like to begin in the center of the ground (linen) and stitch my way outward. there are no rules, other than enjoying the journey.

most of the time borders line up, tho you can follow a linen thread accross your piece and see if they line up (while stitching).

enjoy the day - stitch well

Fiona said...

I am getting ready to start Janet Burnet and looking at it I will probably do the border as I go.