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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Thursday, 31 January 2013

A Question Answered by Marsha

Gabi is stitching a Parrot, A Leopard, A Lion and asked:-

Above each chart page it says: PEPE by the Scarlet Letter. I might have a terrible blonde moment here, but I can't figure out what PEPE means.  Not that I'm overly curious or anything. Of course not. (insert innocent smile here) BUT....I  really really do want to know.

There is an endearing story behind this sampler:-

Pepe was the name of my much beloved yellow-naped amazon parrot who died suddenly from an aneurysm.  I decided to dedicate the design to his memory.  He was an amazing bird, could sing snippets of opera, speak phrases in several languages (mostly naughty), he laughed just like me, and was constantly entertaining.


Jane Rees WIP

Hey everybody!  I wanted to sneak in here before we say goodbye to January and show you my progress on Jane Rees.  I'm working on the first of the four sided stitch alphabets. 
The four sided stitch is tedious but easy.  I find I get into such a rhythm with it that I have to keep checking what I've stitched so that I don't add extra squares to each letter.  The picture below, taken earlier in the week in better lighting, is a clearer representation of the color of the linen (36 count Sugared Coffee by Sassy's Fabrics) and thread (Belle Soie Sister Scarlet).
My blog:  Notes from Blue Hen Hollow

A new Start - A Parrot A Leopard A Lion

Not much to see yet, but so far I'm loving it.

A Parrot, A Leopard, A Lion
Fabric: 40ct Lakeside Linens "Vintage Maritime White"
AVAS silks
I do have a question...
Above each chart page it says: PEPE by the Scarlet Letter. I might have a terrible blonde moment here, but I can't figure out what PEPE means.  Not that I'm overly curious or anything. Of course not. (insert innocent smile here) BUT....I  really really do want to know.

A Very SL Week

Hi Everyone!
Well, I put stitches in three of my SL WIPs this past week.  I can't seem to decide which one to work on when so I pick up whichever one calls me.

Here is my SDW Sampler from top to bottom and on the right is the most recent motif that I finished.

And here is a bit more on Ann Grimshaw....

And I started this new one, Love is the Road of Peace pincushion, except I decided to do mine as an ornament on perforated paper using dmc.  Since this one is smaller I was able to get the four bottom bands done in one afternoon and evening.  I enjoy switching to a different medium like this.  

And now that I see that others are receiving their Manifesto I am off to order mine too!  :)  

Happy stitching!!  xx

Wednesday, 30 January 2013


Today I received my chart did anyone else...off to choose fabric

Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Brenda's Mary Baker WIP

Oh I'm having soooo much fun stitching on my Mary Baker.  I am not too sure why.  Maybe because it is still new......or the fact that I get to xstitch and not unpack another box.  haha  So here is where I am at today.

I hope you are having a great day.  I"m actually looking forward to finishing this one so I can get started on my next Scarlet Letter chart!

Monday, 28 January 2013

More Gryphon

I do feel like the border is going to take forever on this piece.... but that is only because I am impatient to get to the gryphon.  And I plan on stitching him last!

Here is where I am with The Black Gryphon border now.

My plan is to only work on this piece this week.  I hope to get all the black stitched for the border, and if I am very lucky to start filling in the X designs.  Might be nice to get a little colour going in on this one. Not that it has all that many.

Ann Smith Update

I managed to make what I think is good progress over the past week or so. The over one wording and the sky area were more time consuming than I thought that they would be.  I was glad to get through them and on to some fun parts.  I know that my fun will be short lived as when I finish the section I'm on, it's an entire area of over one.   I thought I'd post a picture of where I was at my last update:

 She is fun to stitch, even with the over one areas.  The colors just have to make you smile.


Bird in Bough

      I was supposed to have gotten one of my Scarlet Letter WIPs out to work on after finishing Emma Miles. So much for good intentions. I'm finding it hard to resist starting new projects when confronted with all the beautiful samplers that have been featured on this new blog! I have a feeling I'm not the only one who has added to their SL chart collection recently.
      I couldn't resist stitching Bird in Bough. It was a small sampler and relatively quick stitch. My sampler is stitched on 36 ct. Lakeside Vintage Pecan Butter linen with a variety of silks. I did not have most of the AVAS colors charted for this sampler. Here is my 'interpretation' of Bird in Bough.

Has this happened to you?

I was just stitching along on the over one part of my Emma Miles Sampler when I realized I used the wrong color for my Adam and Eve!  I checked my Floss-a-way bags and sure enough...2611 was in 2612 bag and 2612 was in 2611 bag!  YIKES!

If there is one thing a strongly dislike it is frogging over one! Plus, I had already stitched other areas of the sampler with the wrong AVAS thread color.  At least that part is over two and I will clean that up later!

So, I picked the over one wrong color out and put in the correct color!  So, here is a picture of the area I was wrestling with:

Well, I am glad that is over!

Back to going in the right direction,

-Holly in VA

Edited to add labels

Double update

SDW, SAL Week 13
This week I have two Scarlet  Letter Samplers to report on.  The first, us usual, is SDW.  Week 13 of our SAL, sees the wirly gig motif finished, the chapel progessed, with some colouring in, and some foliage added.  I LOVE THIS SAMPLER more and more as each motif reveals itself.

Russian Red Rooster

The other Scarlet Letter I started a couple of weeks ago was my Russian Red Rooster.  This is my mobile project, which I will only work on when I have time on my hands ( like that happens), but I have managed to get some done, whilst minding the shop (oh so busy, thanks to the weather!) and at a rehearsal, that I actually was not needed at (but husband was). So in total this is about 5 hours stitching.  I love the simplicity of this sampler.  It is so naive in it's motifs. The two colours are perfect together.  I have never worked with so few colours before.

 I have corrected some of the dividing bands as I have gone along, as there are a couple of places where they go out of sync.  That bothered me!

Ann Hall finished!

Hello everyone!

My Ann Hall is finished! I did enjoy stitching of this sampler. And here are a few pictures:

What next? I think that my next Scarlet Letter sampler will be Susan McPherson - A Scottish Sampler :) I love its folk-arty look.

Thanks for watching,

January progress

I finally finished a pair of hand knit socks for a late holiday gift and can stitch without guilt.  I have made a small amount of progress on Jane Atkinson. If I finish a page of the chart a month, I can be finished with the outer border by the end of the year.

I decided that I needed something with larger stitches to work on that would show progress faster so I pulled out Mary Jones to work on.  There is a lot of over one stitching in this chart but it is on 25 count linen and is smaller than Jane.

Sunday, 27 January 2013

Dorothy Walpole

I've been stitching Dorothy for about a week after my New Years start on her.  I'm really enjoying working on her.

Progress ....

I feel I have been slow "off the blocks" compared to so many of you - everyone seems to be zooming ahead of me - but yesterday morning - and again today - I settled down whilst watching the Australian Open tennis and caught up a wee bit:  here is the Log Cabin Sampler which I started at the beginning of Nicola's SL challenge:
I am so enjoying sewing this - the log cabin itself is great, and I love alphabets.  So onwards and upwards on this one.  This is the Dora Sanger sampler which is a WIP from some time back:  I have gently washed it - sadly it had become somewhat grubby - and it too is now ready to be finished:
And here is the Green Linen Kit  from my "Needlefriend" days - I seem to remember that I found the green linen quite difficult to sew, but the overall effect is just lovely:
Also Margaret Blackington:  a simple alphabet sampler but it is very effective:
So that is as far as I have managed to get this month - but I have also made 110 jars of marmalade - so I guess, all in all, it's amazing any cross stitch was done at all!!


Good day everyone

WOW - such beautiful Scarlet Letter samplers being stitched on these two blogs.  I haven't had much time for blog reading this month so I'm sure I have missed a lot.

When I joined this blog I mentioned that I wanted to work on a barely started Dorothy Walpole.
I can't believe I completely forgot about my poor 1/2 finished long neglected Where the Hart Lives sampler.

I'm sorry to say I don't remember what linen I am stitching it on but I think it is Belfast Antique White and with the called for Soie d'Alger colors.  I am running low on the color used to fill the border so I am trying to finish the border before I move back to the interior of the sampler in case I have to use a different dye lot of the dark red.

This sampler was intended to be an anniversary sampler for my parents who name happens to be HART - happy coincidence right !  They are both stitchers so they will love and  enjoy this sampler once it finally gets done.  Haven't taken a single stitch on Dorothy Walpole.  So I think I will change my focus to this lovely SL sampler since I have so much of it done already.  Plus I nominated it for a "finishing challenge" that our EGA guild is sponsoring for 2013.  This SAL and that challenge  should keep it out of the basket and in my hands quite a bit more this year.  Cheers and happy stitching  Melody

Ann Medd update

Pardon My wrinkles. but here is the latest update on Ann Medd.. she is coming along and I hope to finish the blue today and then move on to the next section...really trying to get her finished before Manifesto comes knocking on my door :)

An over due update

Dona Dorothea

Dona Dorothea is back from the framers and hung. I had to place her on the study mantlepiece to get a decent picture of her on this gloomy day.

Jane Atkinson

I am having great fun with Jane Atkinson, the large flowers remind me of Wemyss pottery. I am still waiting on the one thread but have been assured that it will be here on Monday. I have lots of flowers that I need to double back on when it arrives.


I had planned to finish the church in SDW  yesterday but could not put in the hours I had intended so there is a little bit left to do.

I am so happy working on these two samplers, both are a joy to stitch. I look forward to each evening when I can settle with my needle.

I was chatting with a friend this week and she said something that I wanted to share with you.

"Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try".

I thought how true especially when taking on one of the more challenging samplers. I am going to hold this in my mind.

Have a wonderful week dear pin pals.

N xxx

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SDW Sampler SAL Week 13

A little bit more progress...

Parrot, Leopard, Lion

Hi Everyone
Firstly, thank you so much Jo, for your email regarding how to post photos.  I am going to attempt one in this post so apologies to everyone if it turns into a dog's breakfast!  (Hopefully my photography skills will improve as well!)

This is tent stitch on 36ct linen with the recommended AVAS silks.

Life and work have been busy over the last 2 weeks so there has not been a lot of progress on Parrot, Leopard, Lion but I am still really enjoying stitching it and working with the beautiful silk colours when I do manage to get some stitching time. 

I have been behind on reading the blogs as well but am catching up slowly and am completely blown away by all the gorgeous stitching and the very talented stitchers on these 2 SL Blogs.  I feel privileged to be able to participate.

Saturday, 26 January 2013

A post for Rachel F

Very slow progress has occurred on My Beloved, but here it is so far:

My Beloved

I am hoping to get some stitching done this week. I am looking forward to seeing this done!  I have done some reading about stem stitching and do not know if I did mine correctly.  The instructions say over two threads and back one thread.  Then I found another place that said over two and back two, coming out where stitch started.  Well, I have decided to continue with over two and back one.  Perhaps I will be able to keep the stitches more consistent this time.

I plotted out the lettering for the initials and couldn't figure out why there wasn't enough room for two rows of lettering.  It looks like I followed the pattern that came with the kit (I have counted and recounted numerous times).  When I look at the Scarlet Letter website and try to count the picture and the one shown on the blog, it appears they shortened the amount of green space by four threads.  

Anyway, I think I may have figured out how to do the initials in one row.  I will send a picture when I am done.  


Post for Leona "A Finish"

              Details :- Emma Miles – Finish
                         Unknown 40ct linen
                               DMC threads

Last night I put in the last stitches on Emma Miles. 

I started this sampler over 5years ago and put her aside when I got so close to only having the over sections left to stitch.  After doing other samplers and then joining the SL Challenge, I picked her up again and to my astonishment I was able to complete her.  I only lacked the confidence to tackle it but with the aid of my good light and magnifier, was able to do complete this beautiful sampler. 

She is a popular one amongst stitchers, I see.  It was the holly band and the birds that drew me to her. 

I look forward to framing it and having it hung on my wall.

Some of you may notice that I have changed a few of the stitches on this sampler.  I have not done any satin stitch.  When I started this sampler,  I was new to reproductions but now am more appreciative of the young girls so many years ago and respect their work with awe.

My next project will be Frances B Jones but unfortunately I am waiting on the linen to be sent from the States.  I hope it won’t take too long or I will have to find another project to start. 

We here in Australia, have had some crazy weather.  First heat waves and bushfires, then cyclones and now flooding in Queensland following a monsoonal low.  Today it is a grey day so I hope to get some stitching done.  Perhaps I will work on another WIP that I have in my stash.

Happy stitching to all


Rachel Ayres

Not too much of a start but a start none the less.

My first few stitches in Rachel Ayres.

I've enjoyed my little start and am anxious to put a lot more work into her. I think I have too many projects on the go at once but I'll stick at it. It's such a lovely chart.

Happy Australia Day to all the Aussies. Hope you had a great day. I'm planning to enjoy my extra day of stitching this weekend.

It's all Debby's fault!

I was supposed to use this SAL to finish poor Ann Grimshaw who has been being dragged around since 2005. But when Debby posted her gorgeous start on Elizabeth Sheffield, I became obsessed! I was in a quandary, though, because the DMC colors were so much more beautiful and vibrant than the AVAS- but I really MUCH prefer stitching with silk. Then I remembered that HDF solids convert to DMC and I had just gotten a shipment of the last few colors needed to complete my full set! Even better- I already had the chart, too! As for fabric, well, surely I would have to go buy fabric, as I never have the count and color I want in the right size. I had decided to stitch this on 32ct, because of all of the over-1, which I really don't like. Since I usually stitch on 36 or 40ct, I surely wouldn't have anything on hand. Well... It just so happened that I had a fat quarter of 32ct Lakeside Vintage Maritime (my all-time favorite sampler color!) that I had been hoarding from a long-ago FOTM (the first month and year Maritime was introduced, as a matter if fact!) I had calculated that Elizabeth would fit on a fat quarter, with 2 1/2" borders. So I am feeling QUITE virtuous about my new start, since everything I'm using came from my stash! I am really enjoying stitching this one. It's like a coloring book and the colors are so pretty! The coverage on the over-2 cross stitch is fine on the 32ct since the dying really makes it closer to 34-35ct.

Here she is after 20 hours, (one full week) of avoiding the over-1 part. Maybe I will get up the nerve to start the blue bird on the right tomorrow!

Friday, 25 January 2013

Thank you, thank you, thank you

Thank you Elaine for the beautiful chart. Royal mail brought to me yesterday stunning Jane Atkinson and a lovely card. I am a very happy camper and can't wipe smile off my face.

I ordered fabric and silks from Marsha and they are on their way up north.  I can hardly wait to dig that needle in the fabric.

So long my friends,

It is Giveaway Time

Dear Pin Pals

It is a very wet and blustery Friday in Cornwall so I thought it would be fun to cheer up the day with a giveaway sponsored by Marsha. 

Eliza Shipton 1807

If you would like to win the chart of Eliza Shipton 1807 all you need to do is to answer the following question:-

Which is your all time favourite Scarlet Letter sampler, now this could be a hard question as they are all so beautiful. It will be fine if you have to mention a few, you do not need to have stitched them (yet).

Answers in the comments box for this post and I will draw a name next Friday.

The winner will be announced on blog 2 with the details of a special giveaway to mark the start of my birthday month. Watch out for it, you will not be disappointed.

Thank you Marsha for sponsoring the chart.

Dorothy Walpole Progress 2

Hi everyone, here is my 2nd progress on Dorothy. I have been stitching her diligently. I conquered my worries over the Queen Stitches and had my row done, hooray!

A closer look at the satin stitch alphabets, love them!

I just started on the 1 over 1 verse, the crosses are real tiny on 40ct. I only had two letters done so far ha ha! This section is going to be very slow moving!

I have been visiting this blog everyday and just love everyone's progress! My wish list is really growing, there are so many samplers I want to stitch!


Thursday, 24 January 2013


Oh what a wondrous gift did appear in my mail box!
A huge hug and thanks to Nicola and her husband for the donation of the SL chart and yard of linen for January drawing.  I still can not believe it happened to me, it was so much fun to find that my name had been drawn.  I have my fingers crossed for everyone for the next drawing so you too can experience it.
The only draw back was having to choose the pattern and linen.  I'm sure your thinking  "what a silly person I would have no trouble picking", well you will know when it is your turn.  As it turned out I couldn't decide on the linen so I asked if I could get a kit instead Nicola kindly said that would be just fine and that the remaining amount would be put in a gift certificate that I could spend later. 
So I choose the WCEG kit and I am going to put the gift certificate towards The Manifesto when it comes out next month.  I'm still trying to decide if I am going to join the stitch along, it may come down to how much is done on The Huntsman.
Once I open up the kit I then began wondering if I should change the linen... see making up my mind is some times very trying, just ask my husband. 
The linen on the left is raw linen that came with the kit, then 18th Century Brown from R&R and the right hand linen is Parchment from Weeks.
I did ask my husband he said the Parchment with a little more distressing.  What do you like????
Here is the progress thus far on The Huntsman
Both horse and rider have legs!

I have one more tidbit of knowledge that I leaned this week.
While talking with my stitching pal I was complaining that Needlepoint silk is about the only silk I can stitch with because other brands always snag on my fingers.  I should tell you that I work in a soil testing lab and have my hands in dirt and water all day which makes my hands a mess.
She told me to use sugar scrub and silk will never be a problem again.
Off to the Internet to find recipes, there are many and they all sound wonderful, but I didn't have all the items in the house.  Then I happen on one that was just olive oil and sugar.  Fill palm of hand with white sugar and pour in some olive oil till it's a paste and scrub away, make sure to get around the nails.  Rinse hands with soap to get off the oil.
Well I'm off to try some of that new silk with my oh so soft hands.
Happy stitching to you all.