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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 4 December 2012


What a stellar group of stitchers Nicola and Jo have accumulated.

I am honored to be part of this group.

I'm sure I will be the absolute last cows tail coming home but I will certainly enjoy being part of this group.

Photo  The lovely Dorothy Walpole will probably be my main focus.  I purchased it  a year or more ago.  I don't think I've taken any more than just a few stitches on it.  I love this one and have been so inspired by the finishes I've seen.
Photo The lovely Jane Atkinson has always been one I would love to tackle - however likely just a dream.  I do have a hooked rug I am working on that has a lot of  influence from the sampler.  that may just have to do . . . .

I could go on and on listing my favorites but I know in reality it would make more sense for me to focus on just Dorothy and hope for the best.

I hope that everyone has a wonderful holiday season filled with all the sights and sounds  you love most.
Cheers from sunny Florida


Nicola said...

Welcome Melody, thank you so much for participating.

I think that Dorothy is proving to be the most popular sampler. She is definitely a stunning one.

What fabric do you plan to use?

Sherry @ No Minimalist Here said...

Hi Melody, My grandmother loved to make samplers and she tried to teach me as a teenager. I wish now I had paid more attention. I look forward to seeing your completed project.

Elaine said...

I love these two samplers, they are both fighting for attention in my stash

Mary said...

So glad you're on board, Melody!

Deb said...

So happy to see you here Melody!!

woolwoman said...

Nicola - I will have to look up the exact name but I think it was a special hand dyed linen that was provided in the SOM kit. There is also a conversion to overdyed threads. So I am using a mixture of overdyed silks from what I remember - at the moment it is buried in the chronological stack of stuff by my chair. LOL

Thanks for the welcome - nice to see so many familiar faces and new friends too meet.