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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 9 December 2012

Tough Decision

What a tough decision trying to decide which Scarlet Letter sampler to begin first! And reading through the posts and seeing what everyone else is doing, doesn't make it any easier.

So far I have located 5 unstitched Scarlet Letter samplers living at my house, but I'm expecting a package in the mail any day now which will bring me 6 more.

This is the New England sampler done on the traditional green linsey woolsey. It reflects my home region of New Hampshire where I was born and lived until the age of 24. I'm fairly certain I'm starting this one first - photo from the Scarlet Letter website.

A New England Sampler

My name is Donna and I'm not the only Donna participating so I'll sign myself Donna L. in Virginia which is how I sign my yahoogroups posts. I also blog at Needleworker Not in Paradise which I've been doing for over 9 years! I love samplers and also counted canvaswork. I dabble in all types of needlework, but I always come back to the samplers.

I have two kits from the 1980s that are OOP that I plan on doing, one is the Abigail Dunlap sampler that I bought years ago at Strawberry Banke in Portsmouth, NH. The other is Ann L. Brown which has these pine trees and lions that just tickle my fancy.


Nicola said...

Hello Donna

I have enjoyed following your blog and it is good to be stitching with you here.

I have been unable to find an image of Abigail on the web, maybe you could post a photo of the chart front to share with us.

Ann is gorgeous, I think Lelia might be stitching her too. The New England sampler will be stunning.

The hardest part of this year is choosing which to stitch.

Elaine said...

yes, choosing is the difficult part! I have to stop myself ordering very chart I see on this blog!

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Hi Donna,

You must do the NH sampler.
Love the green linsey woolsey.
What do Dunlap and Brown look like?