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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Thanks so much for organizing this group, Nicola and Jo! Nicola, I hope you have the best birthday year; I wish I was looking forward to my 50th again! I'm really looking forward to being part of this group, and I hope it will nudge me to start and finish a Scarlet Letter piece. I have two that I bought many years ago. Susanna Lane:

I completed the top left part of Susanna and she is sitting in a pillow case on a frame.

And Louisa Earle:

This is an 1815 Massachusetts sampler which I don't see on the Scarlet Letter website anymore. I never started this one.

I should finish Susanna or start Louisa but there are so many more options now. Coraggio is the one I really want to do -- I love the "shameless mermaid" and  sea dragons.

I consider myself to be an intermediate stitcher and this one is rated advanced. Besides cross and back, the stitches used are double running, counted satin, tent, Florentine, and French knots. I'm okay with the French knots -- which of the other stitches are likely to give me the most trouble, and does anyone know of good online diagrams or tutorials?

I am so looking forward to seeing all the beautiful work everyone is doing and to being inspired to spend time on my own project.

Deanna Chavez
Coraggio (I hope!)
Not started yet


Nicola said...

Dear Deanna,

I am so pleased you have joined us. Marsha's charts have very good diagrams explaining the speciality stitches but if I ever need help I look on you tube for a tutorial.

I love the shameless mermaid on Coraggio and have ordered the chart.

Carmen Sutton said...

What a great pick if you just go slow and steady on your new stitches you should have no trouble. Of all the stitches you named I think the hardest is the double running and only because you have to plan your path before you go so just don't watch TV while working that section.
Looking forward to seeing your progress.

Deanna Chavez said...

Thanks, Nicola and Carmen, for the helpful tips. Carmen, this will be difficult for me because I'm not very good at planning ahead!