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Saturday, 1 December 2012

Sign me up!! GULP!

Jo and Nicola - Thank you both for the invite to your blog! I am so nervous... :) I had sent the email to Jo as seen below orginially, thinking that this would be posted... LOL

"I have no blog,  please sign me up for the challenge - lord only knows what I am getting myself into! In a twist of fate, I had been thinking before this blog came up that I would do Scarlet Letter patterns starting in January. I felt as if I am in a rut with the other stitching I do - there's not much of a challenge to them at the moment, as they are monochromes that I am doing right now, and basic stitches...I just hope I don't become a sloth and neglect all my intentions for the SL challenge. :)

My name is Jennifer, and I can't recall when or how I fell in love with the Scarlet Letter. I must have heard of it on the Sampler Life group (on Yahoo) that I belong to, or saw it in a magazine, or cross stitch website somewhere. It's been sampler love ever since and the first one I bought was Sarah Brignell. :D I read someone had 73??? of the SL patterns! Holy moley! I only have 27 right now - all charts, not a kit in sight - and three more charts on order...and when Nicola mentioned that there were 326!! patterns to chose from...I was like "What??!!" There can't be that many...but there are. Sigh...sampler heaven... :D

Not sure when I will start my piece(s), but I do want to do Rosa, Leo and Domus on one piece of fabric  - a triptych if you will. I also want to do Sol and Luna also on a single piece of fabric. I also want to do Sarah Brignell. I am going to have to look at everything this weekend, and make a serious decision, a realistic one at that (yeah, right!! we all know how that goes!) to see which one(s) I will start for the challenge.

All the ones I mentioned will be New Starts - the other patterns I have are: (none started)
Sarah Brignell (mentioned)
EK 1653
Sarah Tatum Sampler
M Quertier 1799
Ann Grimshaw
The Black Gryphon
Ann Medd 1742
Rosa (mentioned)
The Seduction
Polly Phillip
Elizabeth Harborne 1647
The Huntsman
IT 1697
The Lady and the Castle
Dutch Sampler ID 1819/1820
Random Motif Sampler
Rising Doves
Leo (mentioned)
Domus (mentioned)
Bird in Bough
Luna (mentioned)
Sol (mentioned)
Dorothy Walpole
Jane Atkinson
Ann Scutt
Joanna Warren

The ones I ordered are: Hannah Carter ( this is a new one - and it is what The Garden Glade by Carriage House is based on - I have this pattern too, and plan on having both of these side by side when they are finished someday), Rebecca Cullin, and Ellenor Wykcs.

Thank you Nicola and Jo for doing this! It'll be fun and interesting to see how everyone does!"

Hugs and Love,
 PS Addendum: My charts arrived yesterday! :) And the new starts I mentioned will have their fabrics and threads picked out soon!


Nicola said...

Welcome Jennifer

You certainly have an amazing stash of SL charts.

I love your idea of the triptych.

Looking forward to getting to know you .

Nicola x

cucki said...

welcome dear..
i am so happy for this happy group..
love for you from africa x

Deb said...

Welcome Jennifer. This is going to be so much fun! I think that I was the one with the 73 charts - and I just ordered three more. Now you have me thinking about Hannah Carter. Hmmm. I think that the Huntsman would go with that one. It will be fun to see your start on whatever you pick.

Jennifer H said...

Thank you all for your comments - and Deb, I just got Hannah Carter. :) It is HUGE! (440 x 460)Everything is stitched. Yowsa...

Hugs and Love,