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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 11 December 2012

SDW, a question answered

SDW Sampler

I am stitching SDW in a SAL with Krista, Shannon, Michele, Elaine and Robyn. We have come to the second section of the sampler and have been wondering about what looked to me like a chilli pepper.

I asked Marsha about this and here is her answer:-

"The chili pepper motif looks like a pear to me, but it's upside down.  Any meaning can be read into that.  There is controversy about whether Eve picked an apple, a quince, or a pear, so it could be considered a forbidden fruit.  The pear is sometimes associated with marital fidelity, or St. Catherine, the mystical bride of Christ.  My personal opinion is that SDW took this motif from another sampler and perhaps copied it upside down for no particular reason.  

Since buying the original SDW sampler and reproducing it I've seen three or four others similar: German Giants I call them.  There were at least two at Witney Antiques the last time I visited, two years ago. They are obviously related."

SDW is certainly a giant (I think that I will call her My German Giant), the motifs are so big that they will look stunning from across a room.


EvalinaMaria said...

Interesting. I've never analyzed the meaning of motifs before. I see that there is a whole lot to learn...

Michele said...

This is very interesting. Thanks Marsha, there have been many emails flying around about the various motifs. I am about to check out Witney Antiques, somewhere I do keep meaning to visit.

Deanna Chavez said...

Thanks, Nicola and Marsha, for the interesting information. The more I see SDW being stitched the more beautiful I think it is. It's going on the list.