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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Wednesday, 5 December 2012


Now that I have the attention of so many SL experts - does anyone know why Marsha ( SL) would have rated Ruth Becheler as a "very advanced"  design ?

I did not see any stitches listed that I felt would require "very advanced" skills.  Some of the ones with all the stem stitched trees and free hand satin stitches are much more intimdating to me than  rice, irish  eyelet and so forth.

I know some of you have stitched her - what do you think?  maybe it has some of those dreaded freehand areas and I just can't tell from the website photos.

You see I'm already being led down the path to temptation and am already coveting thy neighbors property.  On the bright side of that subject - it is Christmas time after all and I might need to put a bug in Santa's ear.

Enjoy the season !


Nicola said...

Hello Melody

I am sorry that I cannot help you as I do not have this chart (yet!).

I am sure that someone will have stitched her and I am interested to read their advice.

Ruth is stunning.

Deb said...

I can't find my chart off hand, but if those are the only stitches that are other than cross, I don't know why it would be considered advanced unless there are a lot of them. But they're not difficult at all. I'll be interested in hearing what others say.

Lisa M said...

I myself have been wondering how much attention I should be giving to the ratings. Some of the girls that stitched these were very young so I feel I should be able to do it! I think it's more about my personal preference. I can do over one stitching but I don't particularly like it - therefore I try to avoid ones that has a lot of over-one stitching. But some of them are so pretty!

Katrina said...

Maybe the size????? There's nothing actually difficult about the piece so that's the only thing I can think of????

Love to Stitch said...

My guess is that any more then 1 stitch other then "cross-stitch" might be advanced. But, with that said, I know that there are always great examples of 'how to' stitch any other stitches either enclosed with the pattern OR on the internet. And.... we are all participating in a 'challenge' aren't we??!! LOL. Give it a try :)

Nicola said...

Marsha has replied to the question in the preceding post.