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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 16 December 2012

Post on Behalf of Ellen C - I Caved Too !!

On Saturday I wrote Nicola saying how I would love to be part of her SL SAL but that I had already committed myself to a Sarah Pope (Sheepish Designs) SAL with a good friend and Ann Marie Clark (The Essamplaire) with my newsletter group.  I went on to explain that I really wanted to do Ann Hair--in fact, I had started her twice!  (The first time, I got in the top border and first two lines of the verse, stitched over one linen thread, and discovered that my right margin was too small. Several years later, I started Ann again and got to about the same spot and quit for heaven knows what reason.  

Nicola's comment was, " You are very welcome to join, nothing ventured nothing gained."

Last night I kept thinking about her comment so I decided to  look for the chart--maybe I couldn't even find it.  Would you believe it was in the first place I looked?  Now, could I find the linen?  Well, lo and behold I did.  Hmm…how about the silk threads?  I found most of them but not all….I think over the years I had refiled them in a box and then used some of them not realizing they were for Ann.  Turns out I'm only missing 3--not bad.  My only concern is the dark green in the border.  I'm concerned that I don't have enough and am worried about matching the dye lot.  I'll call a shop to order some more; hopefully it will match what I have, otherwise I'll have to frog the green in the top border.  (No way am I starting again because I've already stitched the first two lines of the verse--all over one linen thread!)

Ann Hair 1762

Is anyone else stitching Ann Hair?

Thanks (???), Nicola, for leading me astray.



Nicola said...

Ellen I am so glad you are giving it a go. If you hadn't I would not have noticed this beautiful sampler.

I hope that you can match the dye lot. If you have a problem why don't you let us know and we can have a rummage around our stash.

Laurie in Iowa said...

I'm glad to see your here Ellen. You've picked a gorgeous sampler.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

Sometimes all you need is a little incentive and I think that stitching as part of a group such as this will hopefully do the trick and you'll finish this lovely sampler.

Inguna said...

It is a very nice sampler Ellen, I am looking forward to see your progress. I have a chart in my stash and I sincerely hope to stitch it some day... but most probably not during this SAL.

Kathy said...

Loverly sampler and I sure hope your new thread matches. Nothing worse than having to deal with the frog!! :)

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

HI Ellen!

I am so glad you joined this SAL.
It already is great fun.

Ann Hair is one of my favorites.

Let us know which threads you need, we are bound to be able to help you.


anniebeez said...

I have seen Ann Hair finished, she is gorgeous! Looking forward to watching your progress!

Krista said...

Welcome to the group, Ellen! It is going to be a fun year! Looking forward to your progress on this one.

Lelia said...

Ann Hair is lovely --- such a nice selection.

Michele said...

Welcome aboard Ellen, trust me you can always rely on Nicola to lead you astray!! This is going to be such an adventure, x

Brenda in WI said...

Hi Ellen, so glad to see you have joined us. Loved the two samplers you had just framed that were on your facebook. They are beautiful.


Donna said...

Which green is it? Because if it's AVAS 3726, the color has changed significantly.

~mj~ said...

Good to see you here Ellen...Ann Hair is GORGEOUS!!

Scarlet Letter said...

Has anyone noticed how similar Ann Hair is to Mary Keeling? Hopefully someone will research the connection one day.

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Ellen,
I'm glad to see that you too have no willpower :) Ann Hair is beautiful, I stitched her several years ago, wasn't she a project of your group?


Elizabeth said...

A beautiful sampler Ellen and I look forward to seeing it when it is finished.

Ellen said...

Thanks everyone for the warm welcome.

Yes, Melinda, my newsletter group did Ann Hair quite a few years ago. My first start was with them, but that is the one where I found I had only 1-2 inch linen margin on the right side. I know my framer can work with that, but I felt more comfortable starting over. So I started over several years ago, and then misplaced my silk threads. Hopefully, the third time is the charm.

I went ahead yesterday and order more silk. The color that I worry about being short on is au ver a soie 1846. So far, I only have it on the vine at the top. I seriously doubt the dyelot will be the same after so many years, so I'm prepared to have to rip out all that color. I don't think the frogging will take more than an hour to do. Of course, the re-stitching will take longer.

woolwoman said...

Glad you joined this group Ellen - I remember Ann Hair was the newsletter SAL when I first joined the group - I bought the kit and there it sits! I don't think I have silks or I would help you out with the color you need. Since the schoolgirls often ran out of colors they were using in the midst of a row sometimes - would it really matter that much if there was a difference in your greens - I seriously doubt anyone would notice except it might bug you of course - enjoy the SL blog - mel