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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 2 December 2012

My Jane Rees WIP

Hi everybody!  Thanks so much to Nicola and Jo for doing this challenge/SAL/forming this encouraging group of like-minded stitchers.  I'm just coming off a big slump and wasn't sure at first if I wanted to commit to stitching anything new.  Then it hit me.  I have Jane Rees as a WIP.
I started out gung-ho, in love with the Belle Soie Sister Scarlet thread that I am using on 36 count Sugared Coffee by Sassy's Fabrics.  I'm a sucker for names, reproduction samplers, and red, and this fits the bill nicely.  I started the sampler shortly after it was published and my gung-ho-ness quickly fell by the wayside.
Jane's gone on trips with me, in the car and on the plane, and I've made various plans to stitch a thread per day or a letter per day or whatever--nothing has worked.  I think I'm further ahead on Jane's beautiful sampler and then look at the picture above and realise I'm delusional.  Perhaps only working on a WIP for a week or so per year really won't get it finished.
I'm hoping that I can finish Jane--a sampler that I still love, despite the lack of attention I've given to it, and then work on my considerable stash of Scarlet Letter sampler charts.  There are so many beautiful samplers to choose from!  Thanks for allowing me to join the group!


Nicola said...

Dear Siobhan

I am soo pleased that you will be sharing in the Scarlet Letter Year.

I knew a Jane Rees in school so will follow with interest.

I wonder if there is a "Nicola" sampler design out there for me to stitch one day. A few of our participants have chosen samplers originally stitched by a girl sharing their first name.

Jennifer H said...


You need to fess up and tell us how many of the Scarlet Letter charts/kits you do have! LOL :) No fair not telling us! ;P

And your Jane Ries is lovely, what a beautiful golden color for the fabric, I love the antiqueness of it. And the name of it too! I love me some coffee! :))

Hugs and Love,
Jennifer H

cucki said...

aww it is so cuteeeeeeeeeee
lovely stitching..
hugs cucki x

Erica said...

Oh! It's lovely!
I am sure it will be just stunning when it's finished!
I love red as a monochromatic color.

Nicola said...

It just occurred to me that this is a very appropriate sampler for our Scarlet Letter Year.

Krista said...

Glad to see you jump on board, Siobhan! It will be a fun ride :) Love your Jane Rees, the color you chose it gorgeous! Looking forward to seeing you stitch it thru the year.

Merry Wind Farm said...

I have always been fascinated by Jane Rees and other orphanage samplers. That linen is gorgeous, I wonder if they sell that here in the states?


samplerlover said...

Hi Siobhan, Oh I remember you doing this one. It is good to see it out again. It is a beautiful sampler. - Sandra.

Katrina said...

Gorgeous Siobhan, I just love her!!!!!!

Lelia said...

Oh my, I adore alphabets - this is a marvelous sampler. Enjoy.

Natalia said...

So nice that you are joining us !!! Jane is just beautiful.... I can't wait to see more progress on it :-)

joann mccormick said...

Siobhan... This another SL I have in my stash that became a UFO. I'm hoping to add it in rotation for this SAL! Maybe we'll both have a finish with her this year!