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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 10 December 2012

My First Choice for the Challenge

I've gone back and forth about what I wanted to start working on for the Challenge.  I'm in the process of finishing up a couple bigger pieces and decided to go with something small - Abigail Gould.

I thought originally that I would work on something that I had already started, but that's no fun, is it?  I've had Abigail in my stash a long time and decided that I needed a small piece to start on first just so that I could have a reasonably quick finish.  And she's an Adam and Eve styled piece - but the main characters are clothed.  I love me some Adam and Eves!!  I pulled the DMC colors for her, but am going to convert them to NPI.  The fabric I'm not sure of - it was a piece unlabeled in my stash.  I'm probably going to change a couple of the colors, but I'll decide this as I go along.  I'm really looking forward to seeing everyone's progress pictures as we all get going on the Challenge.


samplerlover said...

Another beautiful A&E that will look wonderful on your A&E walls Deb.

Nicola said...

Hi Deb

Abigail is so charming and I love the warmth and richness of her colours.

Are you going to stitch the background in wool?

Deb said...

No, not going to stitch the background in wool. The piece of fabric that I found in my stash looks to be about the same color - possibly a tad lighter - than the wool color called for, so I'm going to not stitch the background in. I want a sampler that will go fast before I pick a bigger SL to work on.

C Street Samplerworks said...

Ah, you're a woman after my own heart! I stitched Abigail in 2008 on Golden Flax linen (now discontinued) which almost exactly matched the background in the photograph. It may not be historically accurate, but the sampler is finished, framed, and hanging on one of my sampler walls. I know she'd still be a WIP if I'd opted to do the wool background.

Looking forward to seeing pics of your Abigail. She was a very fun stitch!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

A clothed Adam and Eve, so cute - look forward to watching your progress with this one - hugs, Amanda

Chris said...

I pick Emma! I love her.
So glad to see you posting.
Hugs to Miss Molly.

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Hello Deb,

Abigail is lovely. I am looking forward to seeing how many A&E samplers you will work on this year.


Terri Overton said...

Another great choice. I'm another stitcher that matches the fabric instead of stitching in the background.


Dona said...

Glad you are stitching this! It was one I considered as well.

Kathy said...

Hey Deb,

Don't know if you remember me, it's been a few years) but wanted to say Hi!. Glad to see that you've joined the SAL. I love your choice in Abigail Gould and it immediately went on the shopping list. I had never seen this one before. Can't wait to see your progress. Really cute sampler.