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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Saturday, 8 December 2012

Hello friends!
I have really enjoyed reading all of the posts on this blog, and I can see that one of the best parts of this challenge is going to be seeing all of the close-up progress pictures of these beautiful samplers! It really is like being in a guild together where each month you get to see each others projects and show and tell! Some of these samplers I have pined over for years with only a simple model photo in the catalog. But to be able to see all of the details now, how wonderful is that?
I did a deep stash dive recently and discovered yet another SL kit that I had forgotten I owned. It is the charming little Ann Greanawalt. I started Ann several years ago and then put her aside and completely forgot about her. She has languished for such a long time that sadly she now has a crease across her middle. I have worked on it somewhat, but the linen has faded in that area. So, although I will be able to get the fold out, the damage has been done. THIS IS A WARNING! Be sure to roll your sampler-don't fold it! This is the sad result of careless folding!
 I will finish her and frame her. The crease won't bother me that much. But hopefully it will serve to remind me to take better care.
I have worked a little on AED also. I won't really get going on this for a couple of weeks due to Christmas projects that have priority. But here is my progress so far:
That little over-one sailor of 35ct! Whew!
That is my progress so far.
And here is what the finished sampler looks like.



Lelia said...

Hello Annie: I adore Ann Grenawalt. That was a project on my 'list' for someday! I'm delighted to see your stitching progress on it, and I understand the 'crease'. I have a fold mark on my linen for Polly Miner - tho, like you, I'm planning to ignore it.

AED is a wonderful sampler, too Enjoy - stitch well ; )

Nicola said...

Oh Annie what a shame about the fading on the crease. I appreciate you sharing the warning though.

Its a nice way of thinking of our group as a guild sharing a passion for reproduction samplers and The Scarlet Letter.

I think that one of the reasons I keep missing samplers in the online catalogue is that I don't see the details of the design from the model photo.

Hopefully at the end our finishes gallery will be a point of reference for years to come.

I have been asked by a needlework shop if they could link to our finishes gallery but I think that we will take a group vote on that at a later date.

Kaisievic said...

I love the idea of a guild - maybe this means that this SAL will actually continue past the year and go on for a long time to come!

Rebecca in TN said...

Wow, I just added AED to my increasing Scarlet Letter wish list!! My LNS is going to love my next order. Beautiful stitching!

Brenda said...

I too went through my stash and got all my SL samplers out and agree it would be great if we continue this as a guild and celebrate Nicola's 51st, 52nd etc, etc birthdays. LOL What do you think? Brenda from WI

Deanna Chavez said...

I agree with celebrating Nicola's birthday every year!

I love your progress on AED. That little ship and sailor are precious.

Patty C. said...

Lovely progress ;)

Mary said...

Hi Annie! Both of your samplers are so charming! Don't let that crease bother you too much. I like to think of things like that as a bir of charqacter for the completed piece.

Elizabeth said...

Ii love your samplers Annie and thanks for the info about creasing.