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Monday, 10 December 2012

By Way of Introduction

Hello Fellow Sampler Nuts,

Happy 50th Birthday Year Nicola!!  Thanks to you and Jo for hosting this challenge to start and/or finish projects from Scarlet Letter.  I have collected these charts for long enough I think.  J  I counted 39 charts from Scarlet Letter  in my collection and the only one I have started is the Wisdom & Innocence Bell Pull which is done on 35 count linen with AVAS silks.  I have finished three squares and I am almost done with the fourth.  Only 6 more to go. (Sigh)  I have loved working on this, but since I started it I have changed my linen preference to 40 count and it’s hard to get back to stitching on 35 count again.  Everything looks big after stitching on 40 count for so long.  I also have a tendency to get side-tracked with other projects and there is just never enough time.  Anyway, I would love to get this one complete.  It’s been in the to do pile since 1998 so…maybe if I am challenged in a group of stitchers who are trying to do the same thing, I will be able to stay focused long enough to finish it.  That would be great! 

By way of introduction I am married, no children or pets, living in Arizona and work in the needlework business.  I enjoy all kinds of samplers and have several in the works.  I have many favorite designers and have a closet full of charts to prove it.  I am currently working on Betty Pleanderleath reproduced by The Essamplaire and Artridge Priscilla Jackson reproduced by Handwork.  I try to stitch every day, but sometimes the guy on the other side of the couch needs some attention too. 

I will look forward to posting my progress and hopefully when this piece is complete I can think about starting two other pieces that have been calling to me including Huswif and The Twigg Miniatures.  I know I will enjoy following the progress of others. 



Nicola said...
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Nicola said...

Hello and thank you Gloria

It is so nice to have you stitching along with us and I am looking forward to learning from you.

I admire your designs at Milady's Needle.

I don't think anyone else is working the Bell Pull so it will be good to follow your progress.

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Hi Gloria!

Happy to see you here.