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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 2 December 2012


Hello dear friends,
its me cucki from south africa!
Firstly i wanted to wish Nicola the best birthday year ever!
i am so happy that i am part of her birthday and such a lovely group...
Thank you so much to Nicola and Jo for inviting me to join this group.  I've not stitched a Scarlet Letter sampler yet....
so i looked and looked and they all so lovely..
then i choose..
ANN SHERMAN sampler...
it is so cute..
and i love anything with name ANN..
and i just love this sampler too...when i was a child..i always wanted that people should call me ANN..spelled with "E"at the end..
*big smile here*
when it will come i will post the picture here..
lots of love for you all
cucki <3


Nicola said...

A warm welcome Cucki, you have chosen a lovely sampler to stitch. Is their an African stockist of Scarlet Letter designs?

cucki said...

thank you nicola..
no there is no african stockist..i phoned to scarlet letter and bought from them..
she said she will post it to me on monday.
love xxx

Teresa S. said...

Welcome, Cucki!
Glad you have joined our SAL-looking forward to seeing your progress!

Merry Wind Farm said...

Hi, Cucki, I don't think I've seen the Anne Sherman sampler, I'll have to go look it up on her site.


Lelia said...

Hello Cucki:

Ann Sherman? I think this is the sampler: http://www.scarlet-letter.com/samplers/sherman.php

Wonderful choice. Glad you are in the SAL. Last I heard, there were over 70 needleworksers participating.

Always, L