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Sunday, 2 December 2012

Hello all,

Whilst I am waiting to hear from Marsha at The Scarlet Letter, to confirm the DMC codes for the color descriptions on the back for Sol, Luna, Rosa, Leo and Domus, I thought I'd tell you what fabrics I will be using.

Now mind, I am not a linen snob, but I do love working on Aida, as it is a faster stitch for me - no straining the peepers on seeing over two (regardless of count, although I am a 28 ct girl at heart, though rarely and never over that number as I am too scared out of my wits to try).

For the triptych I spoke of for Rosa, Leo and Domus - I am using Zephyr PTP fabric in 18 ct Aida (18 x 26). This will save a lot of stitching time in regards to the background too. :P Sneaky or what? :D

For Sol and Luna I am using a leftover piece of PTP Loch in 18 ct Aida, also saving me time on the background.

I will be stitching Sarah Brignell on 16 ct white Aida, and am contemplating stitching the white flowers on the sides there in perhaps a slighter darker color like a very pale gold...I am not too keen on having white on white for stitching in general - so we shall see. I also noted that the picture of Sarah Brignell on the cover of the chart, has the middle scene and wording stitched inside a box. Yet, the charted pattern says "this line is for navigational purposes only. It is not supposed to be stitched." Did anyone here not stitch it? Would you have done it differently? I am curious to know what others have done, so if you can tell me, I'd be most grateful. My temptation is to stitch the box, but that is just me. I will also do the verse in backstitch (if possible - I shall see)

That's all for now - and I am so excited!

Hugs and Love,

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Nicola said...

Your comments on Sarah Brignell and very interesting, I am going to have a look at my chart now.

Thank you sharing your observation, I would probably have missed it.