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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 7 December 2012

Glad to be joining in!

Hello everyone!  I seem to have a very bad habit of starting projects, and then taking forever to finish them, if  I ever do.  I'm looking forward to this blog as inspiration to work on some of my larger projects and maybe even finish a few.  I had already decided to try and focus on one of my Bristol girls, but now I have an even better reason.

I have several Scarlet letter charts already started - Emma Miles 1848, Dorothy Walpole, Elizabeth Sheffield, Ann Smith, and Jane Rees.  None of them are very far along.  I'll try to dig them out of the huge WIP basket and get some pictures soon.  My focus is going to be on Jane Rees and Ann Smith.  Miss Jane has been a WIP since 2007, which is very sad.  I love alphabets and the color red, and she's definitely that.  Margaret is to blame for my love affair with Ann Smith.  I had the chart, but then saw her bright, vibrant colors on Margaret's blog and had to immediately kit her up and start.  Poor Dorothy, Elizabeth and Emma ended up back at the bottom of the pile.

If I feel the urge to start something new I have a few other Scarlet Letter charts with me.  Unfortunately most of my charts are in long-term storage, but a few loved ones found there way into my bags.This might be just the group I need to tackle Ann Medd.  Three little funky samplers I've always loved are Jenny Bean, The Hart Lives Where It Loves, and A Hornbook Bestiary.  I think my love for Jenny Bean stems from all of the Jenny Bean samplers by Shakespeare's Peddler I've stitched.  It just seems "right" to stitch the original.  If by some chance I get Miss Jane stitched, I have another Bristol girl waiting - M.A. Tipper 1868.  Damaris Underwood is sitting in the wings if I feel the need for something on the smallish size (its an instant gratification thing).  If the A&E craze hits me and none of my current WIPs satisfy it then I have Frances Marshall 1831 and JCS 1707.  I have houses covered too with Marion Robertson.

If that weren't enough, I have an ugly feeling there might be another project or 2 kitted up, hiding in one of the plastic tubs under my bed.  I'll ignore them for now, only searching for them if I feel I'm not feeling any love for the current WIPs.


Nicola said...

OMG Mindi and you have more in storage !!!!!

I am so pleased that you are stitching with us, looking forward to seeing loads of photos od your WIPs.

Thank you for participating it is going to be fun.

Siobhán said...

Mindi, I'm looking forward to seeing your progress on your WIPs! I have Jane Rees as a WIP, too. Here's hoping we can get that knocked off our lists and work on more SL designs! :)