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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 21 December 2012

English Transitional Sampler Progress Photos

Just a quick report.  Here is my progress on the English Transitional Sampler:

I'm stitching on 35count linen using the AVAS provided.

This is my first time for using these silks and they are lovely to stitch with, they just don't seem to knot at all!

Blog News

Due to popular demand we will be setting up a second blog in the New Year so everyone can post their own posts.  There is no obligation to become a contributor, Nicola is quite happy to post on people's behalf if they are unsure of the technology or have difficulties using their phones to post photos.

Most frequently asked questions so far:

How do I make a blog post?
How do I add the Scarlet Letter logo to my blog?
How do I stop being a "no-reply" blogger?
How do I change my name on here?
How do I choose from all these lovely samplers?
Where can I get some more stitching time from?

I have pre-prepared answers to all those questions (except the last two!) so it's no trouble to send an email with instructions if you need a little help.

Have a Very Happy Christmas and a Stitchy Scarlet New Year!


EvalinaMaria said...

Looks lovely!

Nicola said...


Your stitching is perfect. I am so pleased that you like AVAS, they are my favourite silks.

Elaine said...

very pretty Jo, I love AVAS, once you have tried them you don't want to stitch with anything else!

Elizabeth said...

I think this is going to look stunning when it is finished.

Kathy said...


I agree with Elizabeth. I think this will be a stunning sampler when you have it finished. It's looking great already!!