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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Wednesday, 12 December 2012



I think that this is a stunning sampler and I am waiting for delivery of the chart. It has always reminded me of something and "BINGO" today I remembered.

My sister lives in a Tudor Manor that has many beautiful murals. I have slept in this bedroom and it has been a joy to lie in the bed studying the motifs on the walls.

An excerpt taken from the Scarlet Letter web site.

The "shameless mermaid" appears on Italian and French textiles made in the fifteenth century. She proclaims PAX E BONUM (Peace and Plenty), and the inspirational Italian slogan Coraggio meaning "be strong, be courageous." 

Peace and Plenty is a fitting blessing for the house and the family. I wonder if the Tudor family engaged Italian artists to paint their murals.

There is so much more to samplers that just the stitching. The historical background information that Marsha includes with the charts is another reason why I enjoy Scarlet Letter charts.


Margaret said...

Oh wow! What a beautiful room! Your sister's manor must be stunning! And yes, the murals do look similar to Corragio's motifs. I love Corragio as well. It's in my stash -- maybe I should think more seriously about stitching it. I think it was one of the first SL pieces I fell in love with!

Siobhán said...

Wow, Nicola, what a stunning room! I love the connection to Corragio. Maybe you need to stitch it as a gift for your sister. ;)

PoundingSand said...

What an amazing mural! It looks like the under drawing for a 17th century stumpwork picture - taken up to room size.

Gabi said...

Such a beautiful room indeed Corragio is a gorgeous sampler.

~mj~ said...

That mural is simply stunning! What a treasure, and how lucky for you to get to visit ti!!

Elaine said...

another stunning sampler - my wish list is growing!

Kathy said...

Nicola, your sister's bedroom is so pretty. And, I think, what a wonderful gift it would be, if you stitched this for her. But, on the other hand I know it would be very hard to part with!!

Dona said...

That is an amazing mural! Thank you for sharing the information on the shameless mermaid. I did not know that and it's very interesting. What a wonderful slogan.

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

A lovely room. I would not want to leave it.
There is something special about sampler stitchers and our love of mermaids.
During the 1990's I had a studio in my home while I worked for an Annapolis folk artist Natalie Silitch. I painted thousands of mermaids so that I could support my Scarlet Letter OCD.


Lanie said...

What a lovely bedroom! I agree, Nicola, what continues to draw me to certain samplers is the history they have. As I get *older* I am becoming more and more interested in family history. I wish I had more stories from my grandparents. It is fascinating how much information can be pieced together from these samplers!

Deanna Chavez said...

Wow, what a wonderful house, and so much history. There really is a resemblance between Coraggio and the mural. I'm anxious to get started on it in the new year.

Vera said...

What a beautiful room! I agree, Coraggio would make a lovely gift to your sister!