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Monday, 10 December 2012

Choices, choices and more choices.

Finally, I'm able to post my choices for this amazing Stitcher's Challenge.
I'm sure Nicola never thought for a minute that she would be linking so many stitchers from around the world.
I think it's a wonderful way to celebrate a special year, thank you Nicola for allowing us to be inspired.

I've never joined a Challenge or Stitch Along, if I'm being honest it's not usually something that I do but this challenge very much appealed to me.
I love band samplers and I thought this was an ideal chance to hopefully stitch one or two.
My first choice is Dorothy Walpole which I love for a variety of reasons - the colours used and the large floral area at the bottom, along with the florentine stretch made it hard to resist.

My next choice is Anne Depauw which is another band sampler with lovely muted colours and a very pretty section of whitework.

My third choice, for the time being, is The Hunting Pocket which I would like to stitch as a thread keeper for current projects.  I like the richness of this design and again the area of bargello appealed to me.  I find florentine work very relaxing to stitch when watching television in the evening.

Now it's time for me to choose the fabric and thread for each design.  I've ordered some extra silks as I don't have all the colours I need for each chart.  The fabric choice will be harder for me as I don't like to work on soft linen, I prefer to work on stiff linen such as Permin.  I won't work on anything finer than 35 count -  I would  happily welcome any suggestions, thoughts or ideas.

The title I chose for this blog post is really to reflect on the amazing choice of samplers by Scarlet Letter.  As I read each post I'm seeing samplers that I never noticed on the SL website and I'm looking forward to following the progress on each of these lovely designs.


Nicola said...

There certainly are lots of choices. Marsha has an amazing and broad portfolio of samplers charted.

Anne Depauw is another new one for me.

You have chosen three beautiful samplers to stitch and I am going to enjoy sharing this journey with you.

Fabric is always a hard one for me so I am not the best one to give a recommendation.

Deb said...

Wonderful choices. I just love the Hunting Pocket. How have I missed that one? Another beautiful one to add to the list!

Elaine said...

What a wonderful idea to make a thread keeper.

Chris said...

I am very excited to be stitching with you Ann! I think that your choices are gorgeous.

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Hello Ann,

Fabulous choices.

Hunting Pocket added to wish list.
I have looked at it so many times.