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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 9 December 2012

A post on behalf of Sonja

Hi to all of you fellow Scarlet Letter Stitchers.  And thanks to Nicola for the great idea.  

I have a couple of pictures of the sampler that I have chosen to work on in the next few months.  Like all of you I am a Scarlet Letter fan and have quite a few of them in my stash.  However I was kind of startled to find that I have not actually started or finished one of the samplers.  It seems I have collected but not any thing other than that.  So this is a challenge for me personally to finally get one of the out and actually start it!!!

So I choose Dorothy Walpole, I have seen her in several of the posts already, so she is a favorite of others as well.  I started it last week and have surprised myself that I got so much done this week.  In the pictures you will see my scissors that are laying at a point where I have to do some reverse stitching, I made a counting mistake but thankfully only a few letters have to come out.  

Dorothy Walpole

 I always get a little bored with these borders like this and am always afraid that I will make a major border mistake so try to put the in-betweens in so I can check my counting, thankfully I found this before it was much worse.

Dorothy Walpole

Hopefully I will add another one or two into this mix throughout the year, that would be a great challenge success for me!!  

Dorothy Walpole

Again thank you to Nicola for the idea and for posting for me!!



Nicola said...

A warm welcome to the group Sonja, I am looking forward to stitching with you.

As you say you have chosen a very poplar sampler to stitch. She is a Beauty.

What fabric and threads did you choose?

cucki said...

A warm welcome dear..
Beautiful stitching..
Love for you x

Kaisievic said...

Welcome, Sonja. You have chosen a lovely design - such gorgeous muted colours.

Mindi said...

I'm another person that gets bored with borders, and I'm always scared they won't meet up! Glad you found your mistake early and didn't have much frogging.

Tatyana (tookie) said...

You're stitching really fast! Way to go, Sonja!
What fabric are you using?

Elaine said...

so pretty! I think she may be next up for me.

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Hello Sonja,

Great start.
What fabric did you choose?


Kerri said...


I just joined and am stitching Dorothy as well! I had to un-stitch a section of the border because it is not identical. On the left side by the satin stitch letters there is a small change in the border that I didn't notice.

Good luck and you will have a lovely sampler way before I will since I am a slow stitcher.