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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Wednesday, 12 December 2012

A Post on Behalf of Sharon H

My name is Sharon and I am from North Carolina, USA.  I, too, am celebrating a "milestone" birthday in February (actually its the 11th anniversary of my 29th!) and this seemed to be the perfect thing to do!! Thank you, Nicola, for your wonderful idea.

I have had several SL charts I wanted to do for a while, but something else always bumped them out of line and they seemed to never get done - maybe this way, at least one will get done.

I am not technological by any means (just ask my sister or brother-in-law, they will just roll their eyes. They think I'm a lost cause!) so I am taking this as a "technology challenge" as well - to keep up with posts of my progress.  Generally, I get around to downloading photos, etc, eventually - this year I will attempt to do better!  Maybe this challenge will improve my computer skills, too!

Dorothy Walpole

The above is a photo of my start of Dorothy Walpole - I had the chart, so I have dipped into my stash for linen and silks. I didn't have many of the AVAS, so I am using Gloriana, Belle Soie, AVAS, and Dinky Dyes. It may not be exact, but I"m pleased with the results so far.

Thanks for your wonderful blog and this glorious idea!  I have enjoyed reading everyone's plans for this wonderful year!
Sharon H


Nicola said...

A warm welcome Sharon, I am looking forward to stitching with you.

You have chosen a beautiful and very popular sampler to stitch.

Siobhán said...

Welcome, Sharon! Nice progress on your sampler!

Gabi said...

Welcome to the group Sharon . What a lovely sampler

Elaine said...

Lovely to see this one stitched with different silks.

Kathy said...

Welcome Sharon,

You are off to a great start. The colors and silks you are using look great!

Dona said...

Hello Sharon! Dorothy W. is a great sampler to stitch for this challenge. And congratulations on your 11th anniversary of your 29th birthday!

Lanie said...

Nice to "meet" you, Sharon! Dorothy is such a pretty sampler and your start looks lovely. Looking forward to seeing her done with your choice of fibers!

Sharon H said...

Thank you all! I have enjoyed seeing everyone's progress. Dorothy is fun to stitch.

Lisa M said...

A fantastic start to Dorothy. I'm gearing up to start mine today.