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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Saturday, 8 December 2012

A Post on Behalf of Roberta S

My name is Roberta Smith and at this time I live in Macon, Georgia.
Born and raised in Boston, Massachusetts and have lived in LA/Orange
County; Tampa, Florida; White Bear Lake, Minnesota; Miami, Florida;
Palm City Florida and now Macon.

I learned to sew, knit, stitch and quilt as a child.  I love to work
on Linen.  Any thread/fiber is OK with me, but one of my favorites is
NPI.  I love samplers but have been enjoying stitching smalls and

I belong to a bookclub and love to read, also, enjoy golfing,
gardening and cooking/baking.

Looking forward to stitching along with you and your quest and with
the other stitchers.



Nicola said...

A very warm welcome Roberta, thank you for participating.

The hardest part of the challenge is picking one sampler to work on. Have you decided which one you will be stitching?

Sandra Ball said...

Welcome Roberta! I live in Ga to, in Metro Atlanta area. Our small town is Austell which by Marietta. I hope you are as excited about this as I am.

Margaret said...

I loved reading about you, Roberta! My DS is at college in Boston and loves it. You sound like someone after my own heart with all you love to do. I love NPI too! lol Looking forward to seeing what you choose to stitch.

Krista said...

Hi Roberta! Welcome to the group! I also like NPI silk, it is beautiful thread to work with. Looking forward to seeing which sampler you will start with, I know it is hard to choose!

Elizabeth said...

Hello Roberta. I look forward to reading about your progress. I am off to look at NPI threads as I am a complete novice at stitching. Looking forward to hearing about what you choose to stitch.

Faye said...

Hello Roberta!!! I live just a little north of you in the exact middle of North Carolina...

Like you, I love npi and hope to convert the listed au ver au soie to npi before getting started....

Nice to meet you!!


woolwoman said...

Welcome Roberta
Nice to see a fellow Dixie chick here