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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 10 December 2012

A Post on behalf of Marsha of The Scarlet Letter

Good evening from wintry cold Wisconsin.  

At least four inches of heavy, wet snow has accumulated today, making it necessary to break open bales of fresh hay for the four-legged friends since their pasture is now covered over.  The dreary landscape made me think about how important our creative life plays in keeping us positive and moving forward through cold seasons, and hard times.  I have always loved this verse from Amelia Boyce's sampler:

Her ways are ways of pleasantness
And all her paths are peace

I was also reminded of how certain nineteenth century American potters would sign their work, and include a short statement about the current situation as the piece was finished and about to enter the kiln.  I'm not at all an authority on 18th and 19th century pottery, the same might occur on early English pottery. I have seen some pieces signed, dated, followed by a short comment such as "June the 17th, sun shining, birds singing, rain coming."

If you don't keep a journal, it's important to record what happened in your life while you sewed your sampler.  If life is too busy along the way, think about recording whatever happened and your thoughts the day you finished the sampler, and be sure to attach it to the back before it's framed and sealed.  In the future, it will provide a glimpse into our reality for the owner of your masterpiece.

Every sampler I've made has a story attached.  I'd love to read some of yours.

Here is a photo of one of my Jacob sheep, Squitchey, not at all happy about the snow covering the pasture.

Squitchey a Jacob Sheep

Cheers everyone!



Vera said...

Hi Marsha, Nice to hear from you again. What a beautiful berse -- I love it. Thanks!!

Samplers, Silks and Linens said...

Mmm .. something to think about - thankyou for the advice.

Elaine said...

Yes, I love reading old journals, starting a blog is a really good way of documenting project progress, I like the idea of using it more like a journal

Margaret said...

That's a great idea. It's funny -- I use blogging and a journal to record what I'm doing and which project I'm working on. But I've never thought to put that information on the back of each sampler. A project to work on.

Nicola said...

I love the idea of a message hidden behind the sampler. I also think of my blog as my sewing journal.

I stitched Ann Medd to commemorate the centenary of my home and she will be left with the house if ever we move.

I think I shall write a history of Trewoon and the familes who have lived in the house and place it in the back of the frame.

Elizabeth said...

I too love your idea Marsha and will think about how I can leave something behind the sampler I am doing. Lovely idea Nicola to leave a history of Trewoon behind Ann Medd.

queenstownsamplerdesigns said...

Hello Marsha,

I usually write some notes about my life while I stitched a sampler that I put in an envelope on the back of the frame. Yesterday I went out and bought a journal just for this SAL.

When I create a one-of-a-kind sampler for a relative that is getting married, I write the history of the motifs that I choose to represent the couple along with personal stories and how it all relates.

I am so enjoying being part of this marvelous group.