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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 3 December 2012

A Post on behalf of Dawn

Hello everyone. 

Thank you Nicola for such a wonderful celebration and for encouraging me to join this group. 

I am already so inspired by everyone's posts.  My name is Dawn and I live in Texas (USA).  I have never blogged before so Nicola has agreed to post for me, thank you again Nicola.

I have decided to start with Emma Miles (picture taken from the Scarlet Letter site).  It has a Christmasy feel to it so I thought it would be good for a December start.  I ordered the supplies from my favorite needlework shop, Attic Needleworks.  Hopefully I will have everything this week and I can get started.    

Emma Miles

I look forward to seeing everyone's progress.  Hopefully I will be able to refrain from adding to the stash (not likely).
Happy Stitching



Elaine said...

What a beautiful sampler I look forward to seeing your progress

Nicola said...

Welcome Dawn,

Emma is a lovely sampler to stitch but particularly so at this time of year.

Thank you for participating.

HollyXSing said...

Hey, Dawn:

I am stitching Emma Miles, as well AND I am waiting on the chart from Attic Needleworks! I am anxious to get started!

I look forward to following your progress:)

-Holly in VA