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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Monday, 31 December 2012

Happy New Year

Happy New Year!
Because my other WIP's were not enough, or I just love to start new things, here is my progress on 
The Huntsman I am loving it. 
I'm using 40 count Scarlet Letter Linen with DMC.
May the New Year see all of our WIP's, and New Starts completed.

Emma Miles, ready to start

Here's my fabric on the scroll rods with the AVAS silks laying in waiting.

 I am ready to start at the stroke of midnight.  Now that everything is ready just hope I can wait until midnight, but by then I'll probably be too sleepy or too tired. ;)

Also, the other day a stitcher ask what the design size was on this.  Well, at that time I had not figured it out, but after I got around to looking at it  I came up with 297 wide x 308 high.  Hope this is helpful to anyone who hasn't started Emma yet.

Wishing everyone a very Happy and Healthy New Year with lots and lots of fun stitching days.

Post for Ellen C

Well, after my third attempt, I think I'm on a roll with Ann Hair.  You probably are thinking to yourself, three attempts?  Yes, sad, but true. My first time was nearly 10 years ago when it was a SAL with my newsletter group.  This is as far as I got because I decided that I didn't have enough linen on the far right side.  My framer said she could work with that skimpy margin, but it still made me nervous to put in so much work and have things perhaps not work out.

Years later, I decided to try again because I really love this sampler.  Here is as far as I got on my second attempt.  I really don't know why I put Ann away this time--perhaps I just got very busy with my own design business.

Upon hearing about Nicola's Scarlet Letter challenge, I thought perhaps I should try to complete Ann Hair.  It took me  a while to find all my silk threads, and once I did, I realized that I probably didn't have enough of some of the threads so I ordered more of three colors.  When they arrived, I discovered that as I feared the dye lots had changed some over the last 10 years.  I couldn't fudge on that because the colors were all in the border.  It would have been pretty obvious if all of a sudden there was a color shift there.

My new plan was to rip out all of the border, but once I began I knew that would be a long process, and I would rather be stitching than ripping.  My linen was long enough to simply start stitching the sampler on the other end, and that is what I did.  Here is my progress as of this morning.

I hope to stitch a bit more on Ann today, but tomorrow I'll be putting her away for a short period to begin a new project on New Year's Day, the Anne Maria Clarke sampler from The Essamplaire which is one of my newsletters 2013 projects.  I've discovered that I'm not a very good rotation stitcher, so please keep your fingers crossed and encourage me to return to Ann Hair.

Wishing everyone a very happy new year with lots of stitching in 2013!


Getting closer to a finish on Freelove Hazard

I thought that Freelove would be my last finish of 2012, but it was just not to be.
It will however, be my first finish of 2013 though, now that my other stitching obligations are completed.

Here she is so far:

The background is very dark, so I put a piece of white paper under it to make it easier to read.

I am crawling down the border with the flowers. For some reason the last flower in the left is giving me a bit of trouble. I had to do some frogging here. Hopefully it will all go smoothly from here on out.

I want to wish everyone a very Happy New Year!
Let's have a good one nest year, with lots of stitching finishes!

Post for Lori

Hello Stitching Friends.  My name is Lori and like all of you I adore samplers.  I tend to gravitate towards Quaker samplers the most but have a deep appreciation for all types of historic samplers.  I am always in awe of how intricate the samplers are and the young age at which the stitcher completed them.  I have also been a longtime fan of Nicola’s blog and jumped at the opportunity to share in her Scarlet Letter Year (Nicola – I hope you celebrate another 50 years!).  I went through my stash and found four Scarlet Letter patterns just waiting to be stitched. 

N. Hinde

This one is called N. Hinde 1778.  
If stitched over one on 35 count fabric it will measure only 1.5” X 2.5” – now that’s tiny!

Circling Alphabets

The second one I would like to stitch is called Circling Alphabets - it’s a Scarlet Letter original design.  Around and around we go.

American Quaker Band Sampler 1803

Another one I would like to stitch is the American Quaker Band Sampler Dated 1803.  
Just LOVE Quaker samplers!

Ruth Bacheler

Last, but not least, is Ruth Bacheler 1717.  The pinks and greens are so vivid.

Well, looking at my choices it’s clear to me that I have a “thing” for alphabets!!  I will keep you posted on my progress and look forward to seeing everyone else’s work as the year goes by.

Happy Stitching! 


SDW Sampler SAL Progress Week 9

I am really enjoying stitching this sampler along with Nicola, Michele, Krista, Robyn and Shannon. I love using AVAS silks, the colours are glorious!

Emma Miles

Hello!  I've started Emma Miles and I am loving it so far!  Here is a picture of my progress.
Sorry it's not a better picture.  I'm doing it on white New Castle (40 ct.) linen with my own conversion to HDF silks.  I'm loving the colors on this one too!!

Happy New Year!!


Christmas Sampler progress

Happy New Years greetings to all,
Here is a picture of the progress I have made on the Christmas Sampler.

I am planning on filling in with the aqua as I go, so that I don't have all of it left to do at the end.  I have also realized that this chart had originally included another page that has somehow been lost since I bought the chart in 1991.  I think that it had instructions for how to stitch the strawberry vines surrounding the main verse.  Also the short verse inside the wreath.  Fortunately, I can read that on the chart with a magnifying glass.  The strawberry vines I'll just have to fudge...

It is so much fun reading about everybody's progress.

Sunday, 30 December 2012

New Stash!!!

Happy dance here. My husband got me the kit for "A Parrot, A Leopard, A Lion) for Christmas and I'm so in love with it (with him too of course).

But it won't get started immediately. Because I can hear Emma calling my name rather loudly. Now where I finished almost all Christmas stitching, I will put Emma Miles back on the frame tomorrow.

My last finish for 2012

I put the last stitches into the Miniature Sampler 1840, my final finish for 2012. This was a kit with silk and 25-ct unbleached linen. The sampler was stitched over one.

These two finishes have been easy ones, but it's very motivating to finish anything! I'll be going away for a few day, taking the train down to Barcelona. The four-hour ride will give me lots of time to make progress on Elizabeth Raysor. I also plan to bring Ruth Bacheler with me. I want to get a few stitches in on January 1st.

Happy New Year to Everyone!

Band Three on Ann Scutt

The filling stitches for Band Three of Ann Scutt are stitched. Finally.  I thought I could finish them all in a day or so.  Ha!

Actually, now that it's stitched, it is one of my favorite band sampler bands.


Abigail Gould's Sampler of 1796

I put the last stitches into Abigail Gould while watching my son's college football team (Michigan State University) play in one of the Bowl games last night (they beat TCU by one point!!  Yoo Hoo!!).

Abigail Gould's Sampler of 1796
Mystery 36 count linen
DMC threads

Abigail is much more colorful than I thought that she would be.  I stitched her with DMC threads and a mystery piece of linen that I tried to match closely to what the background should have been.  While I try to stay true to reproductions, I didn't want to fill-in all the background on the piece.  She only measures about 6" x 6" and will be a great addition on my A&E walls.  The design is rather simple, but I think so sweet, although I'm trying to figure out what the motif is between the tree and the gentleman.  Any thoughts?

My next project, and my New Year's Day, start will be Ann Smith.  I can't wait to start stitching on her. The colors are so bright and colorful.

I'll be stitching her with the recommended AVAS threads and 36 count Magnolia fabric.  I had a hard time picking out which sampler to stitch from all the wonderful ones that the Scarlett Letter has.  Needless to say, there are a "few" that I pulled out of the stash pile, kitted up and they are waiting in the wings!!

I wish everyone a safe, happy and healthly New Years!!!

Another Prize Added

Heather from History of Mount Needle Pie has donated a fat half of Lakeside Linen Vintage Strawflower in 40 count to August's prizes.

Thank you Heather for your kindness and generosity.

Heather's husband is stationed in the American Embassy in Korea and I am looking forward to hearing about Heather's life there with her two beautiful huskies Musashi and Mei Ping.

One of the things I love about blogging is learning about cultures from all around the world. Heather's blog is well worth a visit.

Post for Sonja C

This is the progress so far on Dorothy Walpole.  This is a lovely sampler and I am progressing fairly well on it.  However, I am on vacation for the next two weeks so nothing will be accomplished until I get back home.  I am doing the sampler on 40 count Colorscapes Heritage.  It is a pretty fabric, it has some distressing that looks nice.  However the silks that I am using are very muted, and I am not sure I like them as much as I thought I would.  They are a conversion that Attic Needlework did when Dorothy Walpole was their sampler of the month a year or so ago. The colors are really pretty but as I said, very muted on this linen.  I am sure the whole thing will be beautiful when I am finished. 

Dorothy Walpole

The satin stitch alphabet was sort of a pain to do, but is absolutely gorgeous.  I had problems counting all of it and got off a couple of times but I doubt if anyone would ever see it.  (Glaring to me of course)  I am putting in the verse right now, it is over one and I always dither and think I will  just tent stitch it since the count is small.  But of course I didn't do that and so now I curse myself with every tiny, tiny stitch!!

The gorgeous part of the sampler is the bottom half and I will be there before too long, can't wait to see that come together.  

I bought an out of print sampler kit on e-bay last week.  It is Ann Kirby, it evidently has just gone out of print in the last year or so because I have seen it on the Scarlet Letter website fairly recently.  However, after this challenge I went to look for it and it was gone.  I was upset because Ann is my middle name and my maiden name is Kirby so I had wanted to do this sampler and kept thinking I would get it later.  So when I couldn't find it I was mad at myself!!  Now it will be my next start in the challenge.

Happy New Year to all of you, keep stitching Scarlet Letters!!!

Hornbook Bestiary Started!

Santa brought me the Hornbook Bestiary kit and it's even more wonderful in person!  Just look at those juicy silks!

I started it on Christmas evening after the festivities died down and worked on it all the next day while Mother Nature dumped 6" of snow on us!  What a great way to spend the day, curled up in a blanket stitching.  Sweet bliss!

Here's where it stands at this point.  My honey says the angel looks like a flying monkey.  He's so silly!  I'm sure once the angel gets hair it won't look like that.

I decided to do some of the outlines first.  It reminds me of a coloring book.  I was inspired by Margaret's latest sampler to do it this way.  I'll go back and do the colors in a bit.

I'm working on 35ct. with AVAS silks!  I'm really enjoying the tent stitching on this one.  It's been a joy so far!

It's been fun seeing everyone's choices and updates too!  Happy New Year to everyone.

Lisa aka The Inspired Stitcher

Saturday, 29 December 2012

Post for Jon Lee

I am so excited to be a part of Nicola's Scarlet Letter Year. I had so much fun looking through the Scarlet Letter website, and I have decided on two samplers.  I have only just ordered them, so the pictures are both from the Scarlet Letter website. 

SDW A German Band Sampler

The first sampler is SDW A German Band Sampler, circa 1710. I love the different animals that are on this sampler. I ordered the chart instead of the kit because I want to look for a fabric to stitch this sampler on. I haven't decided if I will use cotton or silk fibers yet. 

Margret Lawrance

My second sampler is Margret Lawrance, A Scottish sampler, dated 1823. It has an illuminated alphabet which reminds me of William Blake, the poet, who engraved illuminated alphabets. I ordered the kit with 35 ct. fiber and silk fibers. I am so excited to receive both of these samplers.
Jon Lee


A Post for Heather L

As I recorded my stitching goals for 2013 I kept thinking of this group and how fun it would be to join in. Initially I had decided against it because there were so many other things on my list to stitch this year, but then I thought about the camaraderie and friends I would make along the way and went back to the Scarlet Letter website to see what I could stitch if I joined. Of course that did me in quite quickly as Ann Grimshaw and Jane Rees are both high on my list to stitch and I already have the charts. So it seems the stars were aligned. 

Ann Grimshaw

Jane Rees

I also have a few other Scarlet Letter charts on hand and placed another order today for a few more.  Might as well start off on the right foot. Tomorrow I'll cut my fabric for both Ann and Jane and get started on them before January 1st. 

My name is Heather and I have been stitching since 2007 after a long hiatus. I live in Korea with my husband and two dogs. There is not much of a stitching community here so I look forward to getting to know more of you over the course of this year.

Warmest regards,

IAMEK Dated 1801

I am enjoying seeing everyone's sampler choices and progress!  

I decided to stitch IAMEK Dated 1801 and to save Jenny Bean for later. I love the motifs on IAMEK and look forward to starting it soon. I originally planned on stitching it on Lakeside Linen's Vintage Light Examplar, but after seeing the threads I changed the fabric to LL's Vintage Sand Dune, 40 count. I think it will support the strong colors of the threads well, but once I start stitching it and see how they work together, I might still change my mind about which fabric to use. 

IAMEK Dated 1801, Scarlet Letter
Lakeside Linen, Vintage Sand Dune, 40 count
recommended AVAS threads
Happy New Year to you all!

Friday, 28 December 2012

Oh, how I love my postie and progress is being made...

.... because he brought me my three Scarlet Letter Kits for our SAL:

Now, it is decision time.... oh, which one do I choose to start on???

Well, I made my decision and started on The Faerie Queene, here are my progress pics:

At first I was really struggling with the 40 count linen but I have discovered if I stitch in the middle of the day I can see it really well.  Thank goodness it is holiday time!


Greetings from carolinastitcher

Well, it is nearly 2013 and I have found some bit of time to devote to Rebecca Robinson..... This is turning out to be one I can hardly put down!!! It's huge, but rather than focusing on that, I am taking things motif by motif.... And, oddly for me, I did not stitch the entire border first..... 

.....this little guy is winking at me, I do believe....

Here's hoping everyone has a safe and blessed New Year......


My Finished Sarah Tatum

Happy New Year too all!  I thought I'd share some pics of my completed Sarah Tatum for those who are stitching her this year.

She's been finished for a while now, so she doesn't really count as a current project for me.  Still though, she was such an amazing piece to work on and I'm so proud of her now that she's completed, I hope everyone will forgive me if I show her off a bit!

Sarah's classic Quaker style and detailed motifs inspired me to choose Ann Grimshaw as my first project for this year.

So I'm now very anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Finnegan's Fog and the first day of 2013 for my start.  Hope I can hold out!

My Emma Miles is Still a WIP

      I was hoping to have had Emma completed by now... but alas that just didn't happen. Those satin stitched border blossoms and the over one A&E are just taking much longer to stitch than I had thought they would. 

      I plan on spending a lot of time in my stitching chair over the long New Year weekend. I hope to be back with a Finish early in January.

My SL WIPs, and what's up next

Now that I've finished And All Was for an Appil, I have to choose what's next.  I do have a few SL WIPs.  Yes, I do have a tendency to abandon projects for a while.  lol!

I started Rebecca Cullin the other day.

And in bout of startitis another time, I started both Jenny Bean and Dona Dorothea Gazano y Garcia.  Jenny Bean just has the border so is not worth showing, but here is what I have of Dona Dorothea.

Let's see.  There's also Ruth Bacheler.

I started this as an SAL with a friend.  That friend has now picked Ruthie up to work on again, but me? I can't find my chart.  lol!  I'm hoping the threads are where I think they are.

And there's Elizabeth Inman.

And there's my first Scarlet Letter piece, Lucy Maria Wiggin.  I think I abandoned her because I thought I wouldn't have enough fabric at the bottom.

This was the piece, by the way, that introduced me to reproduction samplers, to working on linen, and even to working with silks!  I blush to admit how old this WIP is.

But sad to say, I think the next Scarlet Letter piece that I will tackle will be a new piece that I've ordered.  It's for a special occasion, so I'd better get going with it.  (Picture from Scarlet Letter website.)  It's The Hart Lives Where It Loves.

Perhaps you can guess the special occasion.  :D
This is where I left off on Rachel Ayres when I put her down to work on the beautiful Ann Dale.  I hope to complete this flower during the next few days while I take a break from my job.

As a side note, this a photo of the project that has consumed most of 2012.  I hope to complete Ann Dale by the end of March, but if not, I will be working on both Rachel & Ann!  I have stitched an additional row since this last photo was taken and am currently working on the wording in the center.

I am thoroughly enjoying reading about the SL progress of everyone here on this blog.

Needles up!