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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Thursday, 29 November 2012

The Monthly Draw Prizes

We are just  a week into my Scarlet Letter Year and we already have nearly 70 participants. I want to thank each and every one of you for joining in and making this so much fun. I look forward to getting to know all of you.

If I haven't already signed up as Stitching by a Cornish Seashore to follow your blog please let me know.

I want to give a BIG THANK YOU to Jo of Serendipitous Stitching for all her help in designing and coordinating the blog for me. Without her assistance this would not have been possible.

When my husband suggested a big birthday party for me and asked me what I wanted for a present I never dreamt that my idea of sharing and celebrating my  Scarlett Year with my "pin" pals would have attracted so much support. I think that the level of interest shows how well loved Marsha's designs are.

Just  quick note that in addition to becoming a contributor it is important that you also become a follower so that each new post goes into your reader.

If you haven't received your invitation to contribute then it has either gone astray or you are a no reply blogger. We currently have 5 no reply bloggers that we have been unable to track down an email address for. Please contact Jo who will gladly issue the google invite to you.

As you all know I am having a monthly draw for my favourite things with names of those who have posted in the month going into the hat . Well, here goes:


My favourite silk is Au Ver a Soie and I am giving away 10 skeins  The first name out of the hat on December 15th can choose the colours.


Hopefully this month there will be lots of stitching but just in case you have not purchased your chart the first name out can select a Scarlet Letter Chart of their choice and full yard of linen from Scarlet Letter's wonderful selection subject to availability.

The prize for the second name drawn has been sponsored by Elaine of emilyscupboard and is for one of my favourite charts 

Jane Atkinson

Thank you Elaine for your generosity. Elaine has recently started her blog and it is well worth a visit.


February is my birth month and I wanted this prize to be one that is special to me. Pride of place next to my sewing chair sits my spool caddy.

Hyers wood Spool Caddy

Richard stopped taking orders for his custom made sewing furniture in September but has very kindly agreed to make another one for me with a scarlet cushion (of course!).

MARCH 2013

We may be seeing some finishes in our gallery this month so it is the perfect time to start another sampler.

The name drawn can select a Scarlet Letter Chart of their choice and full yard of linen from Scarlet Letter's wonderful selection subject to availability.

Dorothy Walpole

Dorothy has been a very popular sampler to stitch, what will you be choosing?

APRIL 2013

By April we will have had our silks, fabric and chart so it is time for me to share with you my favourite embroidery scissors.
Sajou Mother of Pearl style scissors
I hope that the winner this month will enjoy using them as much as I do.

MAY 2013

Time for another Scarlet Letter Chart of your choice and full yard of linen from Scarlet Letter's wonderful selection subject to availability.

The weather here in the UK will hopefully be starting to warm up and my husband should be setting off on his round the UK boating trip.

Seventen Sailors

A perfect month for me to stitch Seventen Sailors to commemorate his voyage. What will you choose?

JUNE 2013

I like collecting sewing etuis and boxes, the moment I saw this I wanted it.

DMC Home Forever Sewing Box

If you are the name drawn how will you customise the panels?

JULY 2013

We will now be roughly half way through the challenge and I hope that the gallery will be filling up and another perfect opportunity to start a sampler.

The name drawn can select a Scarlet Letter Chart of their choice and full yard of linen from Scarlet Letter's wonderful selection subject to availability.

It will be summer here in the UK and my son's flock of sheep will hopefully be as plump as these.

Grazing Sheep


By now I hope to have completed one or two samplers and will be needing to replenish my silks so I am giving away another 10 skeins.  

English Transitional Sampler

I will probably be starting the English Transitional sampler which has the most vibrant colours. 


Time for some reading, my favourite magazine is Sampler and Antique Needlework quarterly

I am sure that many, if not most, already read or subscribe to SANQ so the name drawn will win a year's subscription to start at a date of your choice no later than September 2014. 


In the UK autumn will be well and truly here and the evenings starting to draw in. I like nothing more than to light the fire and settle down for an evening's stitching.

The name drawn can select a Scarlet Letter Chart of their choice and full yard of linen from Scarlet Letter's wonderful selection subject to availability.

AW 1662
AW would make an ideal winter's project.


I have been hearing for some time about the gorgeous silks available from hand-dyedfibers.com and I would very much like to try them. 

The name drawn will receive a $50 gift voucher so that they too can try Vicki's silk threads.


Our gallery should have lots of finishes in it now.

Will you be fed up of stitching yet? I am sure you won't be so let's have another Scarlet Letter Chart and  full yard of linen from Scarlet Letter of your choice.

Just as well Marsha has so many designs to choose from.

Jane Stott

Maybe Jane Stott, a Pennsylvania Christmas Sampler would be a festive choice. I haven't seen her stitched before.


Our last monthly draw so a special one. 

If you are a follower of my blog Stitching by a Cornish Seashore you will know I LOVE my Millennium Frame so the drawn name will receive a standard frame


As a thank you for participating and completing a sampler(s) with me and making my Scarlet Year special the first two names drawn will receive a $50 voucher.

One has very generously been sponsored by Marsha and the other by my husband Ray.

The next five names will each receive a Scarlet Letter chart of their choice subject to availability.

Please remember to check the challenge rules to ensure you qualify for each draw. 
If anyone would like to sponsor additional prizes you would be very welcome.


cucki said...

i am sure everybody will have lots of fun with this sal..
love cucki x

Krista said...

WOW! 70 participants! Nicola, it is going to be a special year for all of us just to be stitching together, but you are so generous to do the giveaways too. So many special things, it will be a fun year!

Lisa M said...

Wow very generous! The prizes are the icing on the top to the blog and SAL with *70* participants.

I'm waiting for my kit. It's been shipped but I suspect Christmas overload on world wide post is going to slow it down and I may not get it until January.

Rachel said...

Awesome prizes! I am not stitching along (but I will be cheering y'all on!) However, I am starting to wonder if I should think a little harder...Jo posted a picture of one of my top 3 faves...and now you posted one of them as a prize in my birth month (July)! Ohhh, so tempting!

Angie Burrett said...

Was unable to download my pictures - something to do with having run out of space! - but thank you again for such a brilliant idea! You are a star! xx

Dot said...

This is so very generous. I am so happy to just have some encouragement and 'friends' to stitch these beauties with. To have the fun of prizes on the journey is a huge bonus. Thank you so very much.

anniebeez said...

Wow! Nicola you are so generous! This is indeed going to be a Red Letter year!!!

Deb said...

You are so generous Nicola. This is going to be a wonderful year - not only in terms of the prizes, but with seeing all the wonderful finishes!

Vera said...

Oh Nicola! So generous and such wonderful prizes. Like others, it's just a joy to have so many others to stitch along with (and get to know)...adding prizes is like a deep, rich chocolate frosting over all. Of course this entire SAL is just so, so, so enabling...I already have so many charts that I can never expect to get them done in my life...but find myself drooling over yet more and constantly going to the SL web site. I shall try to pace myself...not sure that is possible, but I shall try. Thanks again for such a wonderful SAL! Vera

Katrina said...

Wow what wonderful gifts!!!!!!! You are very generous and I think it's going to be such a fun year.

HollyXSing said...

OMG! That is some kind a awesome inspiration to stitch along and share!!!! Thank-you! It's going to be a very exciting year!

-Holly in VA

Elizabeth said...

What lovely gifts Nicola. I am really looking forward to doing my sampler.

Elaine said...

So incredibly generous as always Nicola! It is lovely to have so many participants, I am really looking forward to seeing some finishes!
Glad I can contribute in a small way with my one chart ;)