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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 30 November 2012

Running to catch up!

Nicola, this is such a wonderful (and generous) idea! Thank you for allowing me to join in your big celebration! (My birthday is in February too, but I beat you to the big 5-0!)

I love Scarlet Letter designs (and huge samplers in general) but I am reeeeealllly sllloooooow so I think I will use the first part of this SAL to try and finish some of my WIPs. First up will be Ann Grimshaw, which I apparently started in approximately 2005. (Did I mention that I am slow? :-D ) I am quite a traditionalist on reproduction samplers, so she's done in NPI silk (black) on white (either 36 or32 ct) linen.

Again, thank you for letting me join you!


Nicola said...

You are very welcome and thank you for joining.

What date in February is your birthday?

Krista said...

Welcome, Jamie! Your WIP looks beautiful! I will be starting Ann Grimshaw first. Looking forward to seeing your progress!

Bristol Stitcher said...

My birthday is on the 8th. My daughter's is on the 4th. She was the best birthday present EVER!