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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Order up!

I have wanted to stitch the SL samplers for years but never braved the territory. I am so excited to have a group willing to cheer each other on though the next year. Thanks to Nicola for the fantastic idea. Like a few others this happens to be my red letter -50th birthday as well. September will be here before I know it and I will officially be old as dirt. I placed an order this morning for the following charts; Country Life 1793, Diligence, Dragonfly, Dorothy Walpole 1774 and Heaven is my Hope 1819. I will have to see which one really speaks loudest when they arrive before committing to which one I will attempt to stitch first. Looking forward to this SAL.


Nicola said...

I am SOOOO very, very pleased. We will all be here for each other inspiring and encouraging.

I think that there are a few of us that will be 50.

anniebeez said...

Pam I will be 50 in October, so yes, old as dirt as well! This SAL will help soothe my fears of getting OLD! I love all of your choices and can
t wait to see which one you choose.

Dot said...

I too will be 50 early next year.
I came this >< close to buying Country Life. I will watch with great interest if you choose this one to stitch. I bet I buy it before the year it out. ;o)

Brenda said...

You gals sound so young. I wish I could be 50 again. (more time to stitch all the samplers I have.) I will be 75 next March and I still feel like 30 with my enthusiasm for sampler stitching.