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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Wednesday, 28 November 2012

My Choice for Nicola's Challenge..

Hi everybody,

I am so excited about Nicola's Scarlet Letter Challenge !! I know there are many "turbo stitchers" that have signed up for it :-), but I am not one of them, so I have chosen just one piece to start and maybe another one. Below are the pictures and names of my projects... 

Doña Dorothea

Doña Dorothea all kitted up with The Attic conversion.
Will be stitched on 40ct Pecan Butter

My next possible project is Helen Vertue 1812.  I just love this sampler and I have ordered  the silks already in case I start stitching super fast all of a sudden and I can finish this one too :-)

My thanks to Nicola and Joanne for organizing this fun challenge.  I look forward to seeing everybody's choices and progress.




Krista said...

Welcome, Natalia! Love the colors of the samplers you chose, the threads look beautiful! Dona Dorothea is on my list too, I hope I can start her too. :)

Nicola said...

What can I say, you have excellent taste. LOL. Dona Dorothea will be my first start and I have Helen Virtue too!!

I have kitted her up with AVAS and am trying to source Lakeside Linens in Vintage Meadow Rue 35ct. It is not so easy in the UK to find the fabric you want to stitch.

I am looking forward to stitching with you.

Katrina said...

Gorgeous Natalia!!!!! I need to go do some floss tosses, Dona may have to move to the top of the list, we can stitch it together :-).

Laurie in Iowa said...

Fabulous choices Natalia. Dona just got added to my list of 'must stitch' samplers.

Ann at Beadlework. said...

I've always had a soft spot for Mexican samplers and this one's no exception. It's got so much going on that stitching it should be fun from start to finish.

Lisa M said...

Yes I also love Mexican Samplers. Both of these made my short list so I think you have great taste! ;)

Natalia said...

Thank you, everybody !!!! I am excited about this challenge and it will be fun to stitch along with you all.

joann mccormick said...

Natalia, I look. Forward to you starting Dona Dorothea and knowing that I'm working on the same design. It will be fun haveing others work on this, as it was my first choice of my UFO/WIPS to work on!