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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Friday, 30 November 2012

I'm So Excited!

First off I would like to wish Nicola the best birthday year ever! 
 I think it will be one that won't be forgotten by many, for me it will hopefully be known as the year I finished lots of Scarlet Letter Samplers!
I must let you know that I have lots of SL charts, kits and WIP's.
I can only say that I have two completed samplers that I dearly love, and therefor must show.

And All Was For An Appil

A Parrot, A Leopard, A Lion
I do have one sampler that is completely stitched and has been for a number of years that has yet to be framed, so this is the year....for Emma Lerch

Now on to the WIP's, I do have a few

Rebekah Watson Sampler of 1733

Solitude, Religion, Virtue
Ann Bowden

The Boscobel Oak

I have been so enthused with the prospect of getting all of these projects done that I thought what the heck I need to start some thing else because truth be told the most fun in stitching is the starting!  So yesterday I put a few stitches into...
The Huntsman

So I'm going to quit there and try to make great strides in my projects, I wish everyone good speed and can not wait to see everyone progress. 
This was just the thing to get me motivated
Thanks Nicola and Jo

I did fail to let you know who I am
Carmen Sutton
Cardan Antiques and Needlework
I live in Franklin Tennessee


Nicola said...

I really enjoyed seeing the photos in your post. The colours are AMAZING in PLL.

I am going to move this up from my "to stitch" list and order it straight away.

What fabric did you use it really makes the sampler "pop".

Carmen Sutton said...

I used 18th century coffee bean by R&R, because of the color I did not have to fill in the entire background like the pattern called for. I also used the DMC conversion there is one color in the pink flowers I called it orange sherbet and I thought oh this conversion is terrible, but I did leave it and looks wonderful.

Vera said...

Oh my! PLL is the one I started last fall and will be starting/continuing this year. Yours is absolutely gorgeous. And The Huntsman! Another one I will have to order. I thought I was obsessed. Now I know I am!

Dot said...

Wow your stitching is beautiful. What an inspiration. I now want to start a whole bunch more. LOL

Katrina said...

Love your post!!!! They are all wonderful samplers, I am adding Rebekah Watson to my growing list :-).