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American Quaker Sampler stitched by Krista


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Elizabeth Cox - A finish

Elizabeth Cox is finished. 

This sampler is an important milestone for me.

The very first time I visited the Scarlet Letter website I spotted this sampler and thought "WOW" quickly followed by "I will never be able to stitch that"  but a few years later I have !!!

Being part of the online community has taught me so much and knowing that there is always someone there to guide and encourage has given me the confidence to try.

Thank you to my "pin" pals there is stitch in this one made by each and every one of you.

Vote for the 2015 Scarlet Letter SAL!

Hello Everyone!  As we near the end of the year it is time to start thinking of what is to come in the New Year so we have started a vote for a SAL stitch-a-long for 2015!

Here are nine samplers to choose from, all which are primarily cross stitch and a few with a sprinkling of specialty stitches.  For this first round of voting please comment on this post (or on the facebook post in the group here!) which samplers you have an interest in stitching, you can choose more than one!!!  example: 1, 4, 6, 9 etc.  First round vote will end 12/7 and the three most popular samplers chosen will then go to a final vote!  For details on each pattern please go to The Scarlet Letter website.

Lots of great samplers to choose from!  So hard to choose just one!  

Looking forward to us all stitching together into 2015!  xxxxx

Dona Dorothea - top half done!!

Hi Everyone,

Where has the Fall gone?  It sped by me it feels like overnight.  I finally managed to finish the top half of Dona Dorothea.  The ground seemed to take forever…and the little motif on the far right over one (my husband calls it a Genie Lamp) was a bear to stitch on 38 count fabric.  My eyes are not what they used to be.

Here’s an overall shot and a close up of the “lamp.”

Sorry the lamp is a little blurry.  It's not the best day for photographing and I am not the best photographer!  I hope to start on the next section this afternoon.

Reading the blog and the Facebook page, so much happened while I was in CA.  I’m seriously considering joining those who will start stitching Mary Hurst in the New Year.  It would be fun to have some specialty stitches to do along with the cross stitch.  On the other hand, I have so many charts in my stash…then there will be the Facebook SAL…plus all the other things I would like to do.

Meanwhile, Thanksgiving is this Thursday!  Yikes!  We have been planning to drive out to Pittsburgh to see our son, his girlfriend and my brother and SIL.  Now some things have come up and we won’t know until Monday afternoon if we can go out or not…keep fingers crossed for us – we haven’t seen our son in too long. 

Hope everyone in the US has a fabulous holiday…and here’s hoping the snow is not too bad where you are.